• Years active: 2017 - present.
  • Gender: Female
  • Hair color: bob-cut platinum blonde
  • Eyes color: deep periwinkle/blue
  • Scheme: Hot pink
  • Activity: Active since 2017
  • Minions: Sugar Rush Racers
  • Last known status: Alive

Latest infoEdit

Taffyta Muttonfudge is an actress, and a chaarcter in the real-life series 2016-2017 drama, and the new Ralph breaks the Internet. She is starred by Angela Napoli, Vicki Zhao Wei (until 2018).


Taffyta Muttonfudge is a minor antagonist in Disney's 2012 film Wreck-It Ralph. She is a prominent racer from the game Sugar Rush and drives a pink, hard candy kart called "Pink Lightning", and her racing theme seems to be strawberry hard candy, and actress Mindy kaling.


Official DescriptionEdit

Taffyta Muttonfudge: Serious Competition

The lollipop-lickin' Taffyta Muttonfudge is a top-notch racer in the game Sugar Rush. She is a fierce competitor who keeps her eyes on the prize and isn't afraid to derail anyone who gets in her way. Though King Candy is Sugar Rush's reigning racing champion, Taffyta always manages to give him a run for his money with her wicked driving skills.


Taffyta Muttonfudge is a skilled racer from the game Sugar Rush, where she is known to be second only to King Candy, whom she admires and respects. Due to her accomplishments, her ego and confidence have inflated and made her arrogant and cocky. Taffyta is also quite charismatic and can put on quite a charming front; she is evidently popular and the leader of the group of Sugar Rush racers, with Candlehead and Rancis Fluggerbutter being her closest friends. She tends to be bossy and somewhat crass to her competitors, likely because she doesn't see them as her equals. Taffyta's most frequent target for bullying is Vanellope, whom she believes is a glitch capable of getting this game unplugged. Being unquestionably loyal to King Candy, Taffyta takes it upon herself to stop Vanellope from racing, and even influences the other racers to join her endeavors, bullying Vanellope in a truly cruel and abusive manner.

At the end of the movie, when Vanellope is revealed to be the rightful ruler of Sugar Rush, Taffyta is truly remorseful and immediately apologizes for her actions. She shows that despite her attitude, she is mature enough to admit her mistakes. Taffyta is also very dramatic in her emotions, especially in fear, sadness, or anger; she is prone to wailing and bursting into tears whenever she is upset. In the tie-in book, One Sweet Race, which takes place after the movie, Taffyta still apparently enjoys teasing others, which hints that she is just programmed to be arrogant.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Taffyta is a small girl with Chibi-like proportions: she has a large head in relation to a small body. Taffyta has tan skin and a bob-cut platinum blonde hair with low front bangs that cover her dark brown eyebrows. She has a small and rosy jellybean-like nose, and her deep periwinkle eyes are large and animesque. She has thick dark upper and lower lashes that are varnished in mascara, and has rosy cheeks and glossy red lips. She is almost always seen sucking on a strawberry lollipop.

Taffyta's ensemble is almost entirely comprised of shades of pink. She wears a frosted strawberry-themed cap (resembling that of Strawberry Shortcake's, whom is possibly the inspiration for her design) or helmet on her head that doubles as a visor when she's racing. Underneath her hot pink racing jacket, she wears a lighter, frosted pink dress and white-and-pink striped leggings with matching sneakers. She tops her outfit off with white racing gloves.



  • Taffyta is born in the hospital, when the doctors are using their skills for her parents.


  • Taffyta attends the high school*, starting her career as a Sugar Rush Racer.

Wreck-It RalphEdit

After a grand day of racing, the arcade closes and the racers of Sugar Rush prepare to pay their fee (one gold coin) to race in the daily Random Roster Race. The first racers across the finish line in the race will represent Sugar Rush as the following day's avatars. Being the second most successful racer in the game, Taffyta deposits her coin after King Candy. Suddenly, Vanellope, in disguise, uses a gold medal from a game-jumping video game villain named Wreck-It Ralph to get herself into the race. King Candy orders his security team, Wynnchel and Duncan, to capture her, but Ralph's accidental interference allows Vanellope to escape. When Taffyta notices this, she puts it into her own hands to prevent the glitch from racing. Vanellope heads to the junkyard where she puts the finishing touches on her makeshift, peddle-powered kart. Taffyta and the other racers arrive at the junkyard and command Vanellope to drop out, as King Candy told her glitches can't race. Vanellope refuses and Taffyta begins to destroy her kart. The other racers join Taffyta in destroying the kart as well. In an attempt to make her stop, Vanellope pulls Taffyta away from the kart, but this angers her to the point she jabs her and pushes her into a mud puddle. Ralph comes and sees this and, even though Vanellope had stolen his medal but was unable to stand Taffyta bullying her, chases Taffyta and the other racers away.

Taffyta is later seen at the Random Roster Race and is in second place, behind King Candy and ahead of Candlehead and Rancis Fluggerbutter. They see Vanellope with a new kart and try to run her off the track with cherry bombs. As they drive into a cannon, however, Vanellope suddenly glitches in front of them. This spooks the three into spinning out, and they miss the higher part of the course when they are shot out of the cannon, falling into a cupcake frosting below. Rancis is shocked, Candlehead freaks out over her candle being blown out, and Taffyta starts crying. When the Cy-Bugs attack, Taffyta (even though she was never seen) and the other citizens of the game retreat to Game Central Station. After King Candy is revealed as Turbo and is defeated, Vanellope crosses the finish line and Taffyta's memory is restored, turning out that King Candy has messed with Vanellope's programming and she is actually the rightful ruler of Sugar Rush, a princess.

Horrified at what they have been doing, the racers apologize, blaming Taffyta for making them bully Vanellope. Taffyta apologizes as well, but Vanellope says she will have her and the other Sugar Rush racers executed for being mean to her, driving them into panic and causing Taffyta and the others to cry about their impending death. Vanellope reveals she is just joking and accepts her apology. Shortly after, Taffyta and the other racers gather around Vanellope, and Taffyta gives Vanellope a thumbs up as they reconcile and become friends. Taffyta makes a final appearance with the rest of the film's characters at the wedding of Fix-It Felix, Jr. and Sergeant Calhoun.

Ralph breaks the InternetEdit

Taffyta returns for the sequel, voiced by Melisa Villaseño, replacing Mindy Kaling. She is once again hostile towards Vanellope as a result of their racing rivalry, but is unable to act against her as she had before. She is first seen racing with the other racers and is second place, behind Vanellope. When the Sugar Rush steering wheel is broken and the game is unplugged, Taffyta is seen running away and crying in Game Central Station. Now homeless, she and the other racers are taken to Niceland, where no one volunteers to take them in. Empathetic and excited at the prospect of having a family, Taffyta and the racers are adopted by Calhoun and Felix. The Surge Protector warns the couple not to jump headfirst into parenting, and his cynicism is proven right when Taffyta and the racers ransack Felix and Calhoun's apartment.

At the end of the film, Sugar Rush is restored and Taffyta returns to racing. As a result of her care under Calhoun and Felix, Taffyta has adopted a kinder and gentler disposition. She also takes part in weekly social activities hosted by arcade denizens alongside her parents and the racers.

Real Life: 2013-presentEdit

Starting August 2013, her appearance was the same as Vicki Zhao Wei's actress, similar to Margo Gru in Despicable Me. (this has been patched as of Jan 2019.)


  • "Taffyta" is actually a portmanteau of "Tabitha" and "Taffy".
  • Her name is made up of 3 different foods: taffy, mutton and fudge.
  • Though her role in the film is relatively small, Taffyta was one of the most heavily marketed characters from the film.
  • During the time of the film's release, Taffyta's voice actress, Mindy Kaling, used a promotional image of Taffyta as her Twitter icon.
  • Taffyta wears dark brown or black mascara, and it can be seen running down her face as she sobs during Vanellope's execution joke.
  • Taffyta is the only Sugar Rush racer who wears a dress beneath her racing jacket; all the other female racers wear a top and a miniskirt.
  • She's also the only racer that has gloves.
  • In the film, she shares a similar role with Gene, whom antagonizes Ralph, telling him that he will never be a hero as his only purpose is to wreck the building. Comparatively, Taffyta tells Vanellope she will never be a racer, because she is nothing more than a glitch.
  • Taffyta plays Jolin Tsai (Margo Gru, where Jolin sing in the concert, such as Love Love Love, or We're All Different, Yet the Same) in Despicable Me 3. (This one has been patched.) Edith Gru is posed like this racer.
  • She is currently in the University as of 2016.


Stay Sweet Taffy!
Taffyta Sugar Rush
Wreck-It Ralph Taffyta Muttonfudge

Taffyta's Racing Kart is "Pink Lightning".

Taffyta Muttonfudge Background
Taffyta Muttonfudge Actress
Taffyta Muttonfudge Without Hat
Taffyta Night Gown Outfit

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  • Patrick O'Malley (霍建華 Wallace Huo Chien-hua)
  • 舒淇 (Shu Qi)
  • (Amy Poehler, 林志玲 (Lin Chi-ling)
  • 周杰倫 (Jay Chou)


  • - Tiffany Tang (唐嫣)
  • - Ivana Wong (王菀之)
  • - 鄧紫棋 (Gloria "G.E.M" Tang)
  • David Quinn Wang Lee Hom (王力宏)
  • Eason Chan (陳奕迅)
  • Daniel Summers (Tony Leung Chiu-wai)
  • Connor McCoy (Donnie Yen 甄子丹)
  • John Summer (Chow Yun Fat (周潤發), Peter Ho (何潤東 - 허룬동)
  • Mason Hamilton (Aaron Kwok 郭富城))
  • Jane Zhang (张靓颖)
  • (Cymbre Walk, 陳慧琳 Kelly Chen Wai-lam (Chen Hui Lin) (Vivian Chen Wai-man))
  • (Sarah Kate Silverman)
  • Michael Owen (蘇有朋 (Alec Su You Peng)
  • Li Chen (李晨)
  • JJ Lin (林俊傑)

Guest appearanceEdit

  • 张智霖 (Julian Cheung)

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  • Happy Holidays!


  • On the 12th day of Christmas, Mayhem gave to me...
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  • Eleven puppies eating
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  • Nine ladies jogging
  • Eight flags-a-flying
  • Seven dishes falling
  • Six teens-a-texting
  • Five snowy roofs!
  • Four icy roads
  • Three frozen deer
  • Two turtle doves
  • And a shaky shaky shaky shaky tree


  • Twelve trees-a-rolling
  • Eleven streakers streaking
  • Ten toddlers screaming
  • Nine maids-a-jogging
  • Eight jeans-a-texting
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  • Five blind spots!
  • Four snowy roofs
  • Three shaky trees
  • Two turtle doves
  • And a GPS you failed to update


  • 12 trees-a-rolling
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赵薇 (Vicki Zhao Wei), 杨幂 (Yang Mi), 陳數 (Chen Shu), 林心如 (Ruby Lin Xinru (中华民国)), 安以轩 (Ady An Yi xuan), 林依晨 (Ariel Lin Yi-Chen), 蘇有朋 (Alec Su You Peng), 范冰冰 (Fan Bingbing), Twins (鍾欣潼 (Gillian Chung Yan Tung), Charlene Choi Cheuk-yin (蔡卓妍)), including Kelly Chen Wai-lam (Chen Huilin) (Vivian Chen Wai-man) (陳慧琳), Zhou Xun (周迅), Faye Wong (Wang Fei) (王菲), Jolin Tsai (Tsai Y-lin) (蔡依林), Milansa/Kym Jin Sha (金莎), Eva Huang Sheng Yi (黄圣依), Zhang Ziyi (章子怡), Joe Chen Qiao En (陳喬恩), Shu Qi (舒淇), Cyndi Wang Xin-ling (王心凌), 张靓颖 (Jane Zhang), 赵丽颖 (Zanilia Zhao Li Ying), 鄧紫棋 (Gloria Tang), 王力宏 (Wang Lee Hom), 陳妍希 (Michelle Chen), 唐嫣 (Tiffany Tang), 林志玲 (Lin Chi-ling)


Chinese Odyssey 2002 (天下无双), Painted Skin (2008, 画皮), Painted Skin: The Resurrection (畫皮 II), The Socerer and the White Snake (白蛇传说), The Fox Lover (白狐), Sophie's Revenge (非常完美), The Monkey King (西遊記之大鬧天宮), My Lucky Star (非常幸运), Love Me, Do You Dare? (爱我,你敢吗?)

TV seriesEdit

Painted Skin - The Resurrection (畫皮之真愛無悔), My Fair Princess, Return of the Pearl Princess, Princess Returning Pearl, Princess Pearl. Huan Zhu Ge Ge (還珠格格), Romance in the Rain (情深深雨濛濛), Mei Ren Xin Ji / Schemes of a Beauty, aka Beauty's Rival in Palace (美人心計), My Fair Princess 2011 TV series (新还珠格格), Starting by each step (步步惊心), Qing Shi Huang Fei - The Glamorous Imperial Concubine / Introduction of the Princess (傾世皇妃), Holy Pearl (女媧傳說之靈珠), Fairy Fox / Hu Xian (聊斋之狐仙), The Myth (神话), My Bratty Princess / Mischievous Princess (刁蛮公主), Love of the Millennium (又见白娘子), 蘭陵王 (Prince of Lan Ling), Tiger Mom TV series (虎媽貓爸), 笑傲江湖 (2013 Swordsman, Game Chicken Invaders/ROBLOX/Minecraft/Dynasty Warriors/Final Fantasy), 白蛇传 (Madame White Snake 2006), 神鵰俠侶 (2014年電視劇) (The Return / Romance of the Condor Heroes), 16個夏天 The Way We Were), 天外飛仙 The Little Fairy, 咱们结婚吧 (We Get Married), 御姐归来 (Royal Sister Returns)


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  • 化妆师
  • 化妆助理


  • 梳妆指导
  • 梳妆设计
  • 梳妆师
  • 梳妆助理


  • 服装设计
  • 服装造型
  • 服装指导
  • 服装师
  • 服装助理



  • 剪辑师
  • 剪接师
  • 剪接助理


  • 摄影指导
  • 摄影师
  • 摄影助理


  • 美术设计
  • 美术指导
  • 总美术师
  • 副美术
  • 美术
  • 美术助理


  • 灯光指导
  • 灯光师
    • 照明
    • 照明助理
    • 灯光助理


  • 录音指导






  • 道具组长





  • 制片主任
  • 制片副主任
    • 制片主任助理
  • 现场制片
  • 生活制片
  • 外联制片
  • 制作统筹
  • 财务


  • 武行指导
  • 武行助理
  • 艺术指导
  • 特效总监
  • 办公室助理
  • 会计
  • 陈设
  • 司机组


  • 动画设计


后期制作 (Post production)Edit

  • 片头片尾
  • 片头歌曲
  • 片尾歌曲
  • 插曲


  • 音乐总监


  • 独家网络支持
  • 独家微博支持
  • 腾讯视频
  • 优酷视频
  • 爱奇艺


  • 片头片尾制作
  • 协助拍摄单位
  • 发行公司 (Issuing company)
    • 国内发行
    • 海外发行
    • 新媒体发行
  • 联合摄制 (Co-Filmed)
  • 摄制 (Filmed By)
  • 承制单位/承制方 (Contracted by/For the system)
  • 拍摄公司 (Filming company)
  • 总发行 (Total issued)
  • 制作发行 (Produced and published by)
  • 出品公司/出品方 (Production company/Presented by)/出品单位 (Production units)
    • 联合出品 (Co-Present)
    • 荣誉出品 (Proudly present)
  • 本剧中
  • 本剧所有版权归属
  • 版权归属
  • 电视剧拍摄制作许可证编号 (TV drama production license)


  • 台湾电视剧《包青天》片尾曲 - 新鸳鸯蝴蝶梦
  • 我们不一样 - 大壮 (We’re All Different)
  • 鄭源 愛情裡沒有誰對誰錯 (ROBLOX 500 Internal Server Error - An Unexpected error occurred; Page cannot be found or no longer exists - 404 Page Not Found; 403 Access Denied - You don't have permission to view this page)
  • 千言万语
  • 瀟灑走一回 - Sally Yeh (慈文影视)華視連續劇“京城四少”片頭曲
    • 伊玲(粤语)
  • 梅艷芳 徐小鳳 - 風的季節 (電視劇 倩女幽魂 主題曲)
  • 許茹芸 - 獨角戲
  • 身不由己 - 成龙; 范晓萱
  • 不能没有你 - 刘德华
    • 藕斷絲蓮 (藕斷絲連)
  • 林志炫 - 蒙娜丽莎的眼泪
  • 林志颖 - 我不后悔 (Mediacorp 电视剧 陆小凤 主题曲)
  • 让我爱你(电视剧《战神》片尾曲)- 周渝民&徐熙媛
  • 电视剧 上海滩 主题曲
    • 不裝飾你的夢 - 蔡國權
    • 舊夢不須記 - 雷安娜,Timi Zhuo (卓依婷)
  • 发如雪 (Hair Like Snow) - Jay Chou
    • 稻香 (Rice Field)
  • 总算为情认真过 - TVB 大頭綠衣鬥殭屍 播曲
  • 梁朝伟版《绝代双骄》主题曲《愿你知我心》
  • 虚虚实实 少年張三豐 - 張衛健 (Dicky Cheung)
  • 笑看風雲 1994年電視劇《笑看風雲》主題曲 - 鄭少秋 (粤语版, 越南语)
  • 仙剑奇侠传4主题曲《回梦游仙千年缘》
  • 回到起点 (电视剧 封神榜 片尾曲) - 董贞
  • 当你孤单你会想起谁 (Who will you think of when you're lonely)
  • 神鵰俠侶 (1984) 主題曲
  • 吉祥如意 片頭曲:一花兩果 - Dicky
  • 吉祥如意 插曲:逍遙最好 - 張茜, Maggie Welles (Vicki Zhao/赵薇)
  • 电视剧情深深雨蒙蒙插曲 离别的车站 - Maggie Welles (Vicki Zhao/赵薇)
  • 今天你要嫁给我 (Marry Me Today) - David Tao, Jenny Garcia (Jolin Tsai/蔡依林)
  • 童話 Fairy Tale 电视剧 浴火凤凰 主题曲 光良
  • 人生如此 (国/粤语)(ATV暴雨燃燒主題曲) - 羅文 (Dr. Cares: Pet Rescue 911 Level 14 - Late Again - Amy is very tired. Drink lots of coffee!; Fabulous: Angela's High School Reunion Level 9: Stitching Things Together - Let Angela try on her dress! - Level 7: That Settles It! - Create Chloe's dress!)
  • 還看今朝(永乐影视 电视剧《战神》片尾曲)- 羅文
  • 世界由我造 (ATV 我来自广州 主题曲)
  • 苦口良藥 - 陈慧珊, 许志安 电视剧《情牵百子柜》主题曲 (The Tales of Kitteh's Cape by Kitteh6660)
  • 突圍 (电视剧 突圍行動 主题曲)- 吳卓羲、馬浚偉
  • 钟欣潼&譚耀文 《不枉此生》(亞視「雪山飛狐」片頭曲)
  • 上错花轿嫁对郎 主題曲
  • Fan Zhe Ba by Kym Jin Sha and Alec Su (刁蛮公主) (发行许可证: (广剧)剧审字(2005)第137号)
  • 背包 (Backpack) - Alec Su
  • 单身情歌
  • 心要让你听见 越南版, 国语版, 粤语版
  • 伤心太平洋 电视剧 神雕侠侣 片尾曲
  • 楊冪 - 愛的供養 - 電視劇《宮鎖心玉》片頭曲
  • 千年等一回 (OST Legend of the White Snake 2011) by 李永杰、真雪儿 (发行许可证: (琼)剧审字(2011)第001号)
  • 老鼠爱大米 Mouse love rice by Twins (Gillian Chung, Charlene Choi)
  • 愛你 (Cyndi Loves You) - Dr. Amy Cares (Cyndi Wang/王心凌)
  • 小酒窩 (Little Dimples) by 林俊杰 and 蔡卓妍
  • 千纸鹤 - Samuel Tai (邰正宵) 電視劇《放棄我,抓緊我》片头曲
  • 動物森林 電視劇《虎媽貓爸》 片头曲 - 範瑋琪
  • Introduction of the Princess by Ruby Lin
  • 傾聽我 by Ruby Lin 电视剧制作许可证: 甲第186号
  • 剑如虹 - 董貞 (Dong Zhen) (电视剧 (倾世皇妃) 片尾曲)
  • 究竟海有幾深 (无线电视翡翠台 魚躍在花見 主题曲)- 張智霖
  • Falling Flower Ruby Lin, a ROBLOX Music Video!
  • 人兒何處歸 安心亞
  • 你怎么舍得我难过
    • 约定 (Promise)
  • 不会爱 - 飛輪海 Fahrenheit (偶像劇「終極一家」片尾曲)
  • OST Fairy Fox (白狐) 发行许可证: (粤)剧审字(2012)第028号
  • 入陣曲 (蘭陵王 (電視劇))
  • 手掌心 - 丁噹 (Della Wu Dang) (電視劇 蘭陵王片尾曲)
  • 雨蝶 (還珠格格 片尾曲)
  • 怎么会狠心伤害我 - 鄭源
  • 陳慧琳 sings 每日種一個願望, 记事本 (Notepad) with Steve Chou 周傳雄
  • 青藏高原 - 韩红
  • 花千骨 插曲: 愛殤 (Love Catastrophe)
  • 菊花台 - Jay Chou (周杰倫)
  • 世上岂有神仙哉 (电视剧 倾世皇妃 片尾曲)
  • 華胥引 - 河圖, 司夏(电视剧 封神英雄榜 片尾曲)
  • 非常完美 主题曲: 难得有情人
  • 爱情买卖
  • 真的不容易 庄心妍 (2017年电视剧 射鵰英雄傳 片头曲)
  • 曾经的约定 (傾世皇妃 插曲) - 林心如, BY2
  • 越南《哭泣的月亮》
    • 国语《月亮海》
  • 雕花笼 (电视剧 美人心计 插曲) - 董贞 (ROBLOX Titanic: 1st Class / VIP, Crew Member / Super VIP, Captain / Outrageous VIP by TheAmazeman, The site is currently offline for maintenance and upgrades. Please check back soon! Our payment system is currently under maintenance. Please check back shortly! (Back to ROBLOX), Unexpected error with your request, plesse try again in a few moments / Requested page not found, You may have clicked an expired link or mistyped the address. / Access Denied - Sorry, you don’t have permission to view this page!)
  • 爸爸妈妈 (Papamama)
  • 王菲 - 容易受伤的女人(国语)
  • Love love Love by Jolin Tsai Y-Lin (蔡依林)
  • 連續劇 (On Call 36小時 II 片尾曲, On Call 36小時 主題曲) - 容祖兒 (Joey Yung)
  • 渡情 (又见白娘子 片尾曲)) - 左宏元、张慧清 (电视剧制作许可证:甲第221号)
  • 相思 (西游记后传) - 毛阿敏
  • Proud of You - Fiona Fung
  • Love Paradise - Kelly Chen
  • My Pride (我的驕傲) - 容祖兒 (Joey Yung) (国语,粤语)
  • A little love - Fiona Fung
  • 世上只有 (Only You in The World) - 容祖兒 (Joey Yung)
  • The Power of Love - Celine Dion
  • 何紫慧 - I Do (TVB劇集"Only You 只有您"主題曲)
  • 劉詩詩-等你的季節 (Scarlet heart Ending Theme Song 2)
  • 乌龙闯情关 片尾曲: 太多
  • 远处有座山 - 曹芙嘉 (寶蓮燈前傳 片尾曲)
  • 你是我的 - 蘇有朋 (刁蛮公主 片尾曲) 乙第17298号
  • 不能和你分手 - Vicki Zhao Wei (趙薇) (還珠格格 第一部 主題曲)
  • 自從有了你 - Vicki Zhao Wei (趙薇) (還珠格格 第二部 主題曲)
  • 有一個姑娘 - Vicki Zhao Wei (趙薇) (還珠格格 第一部 & 第二部 片尾曲)
  • 你是风儿我是沙 梦里 - Ruby 林心如 (還珠格格 第二部 片尾曲)
  • 花太香 (白蛇传说 插曲) - 任贤齐
  • 神鵰俠侶 (2014年電視劇) 片头曲 《浩瀚》 (发行许可证号 : (京)剧审字(2014)第067号)
  • 一眼万年 电视剧 天外飞仙 片头曲 - s.h.e
  • 你最近還好嗎(偶像劇鬥牛要不要片尾曲) - S.H.E (上海辛迪加影视有限公司)
  • Romantic Love (OST Sophie's Revenge) - Jessie Chiang
  • 射鵰英雄傳 2008 主題曲 - Ronald Cheng 鄭中基 (电视剧发行许可证: (广剧)剧审字(2008)第050号)
  • 你我(神鵰俠侶 片尾曲)(陳妍希& 陳曉) 华夏视听环球传媒(北京)股份有限公司 制作许可证号: 甲第203号
  • Meet Girl (sophie's Revenge) - Cho Kyu Chan
  • Forever - Ahn Jae Wook
  • 射鵰英雄傳 2008 片尾曲 (电视剧制作许可证号码: 甲第008号)
  • 天師鍾馗之美麗傳說 片尾曲 - 浙江華策影視股份有限公司 (电视剧拍摄制作许可证编号码:乙第11282号)
  • 怨苍天变了心
  • 冰糖葫芦 (电视剧 画皮之真爱无悔 片尾曲) - 卓依婷, 梁碧友 (欢瑞世纪(东阳)影视传媒有限公司)
  • 陈淑桦 - 梦醒时分
  • I’m Waiting for your Dream - Sarah Chen
  • 華視主頻收播
  • 江南 - 林俊杰 (VIP for Lemonade Stand Tycoon - by PacificTycoons, aka SupaSonic4ever)
    • 爱上你是一个错 - 楊培安, 孫露, 南妮
  • 孤单背影 - Priscilla Chan
  • 原谅我过去不懂 (精卫填海主题曲) - 李殊
  • 原谅 - 刘瑞琦, 張玉華
    • 原谅我一次 - 欢子 (電視劇《放棄我,抓緊我》片尾曲)
  • 还是好朋友 (Still Best Friends) - Dr. Amy (Cyndi Wang/王心凌) 電視劇 笑傲江湖 主題曲 (The copy of Windows you are using does not pass genuine validation. To get all Windows updates and downloads reserved exclusively for genuine Windows, you must validate your copy of Windows now. Go online and resolve now; Windows is not genuine; Your computer might be running a counterfeit copy of Windows/You may be running a counterfeit copy of Windows. 0x80070005; Get genuine now. Ask me later. 0xC004F057. This computer is not running genuine Windows. To use Windows without interruption, this computer needs to be running genuine Windows.

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  • 多情的人總被無情的傷 六哲 電視劇 笑傲江湖 片尾曲
    • 虐心 - 徐良&孫羽幽
  • 【那些年,我們一起追的女孩】電影主題曲《那些年》
  • 不是因为寂寞才想你 - T.R.Y (Cyndi Wang/王心凌, Jenny Pope (Charlene Choi/蔡卓妍), Angela Napoli (Jolin Tsai/蔡依林), insaneheadspace: Fabulous: Angela's Sweet Revenge - Annnnnd, so happy to see there is a mini-mouse game (just like in Delicious)!! Check you have found the mouse for each day by looking at the Calendar/level summary page; Platinum Edition Free and Fast and No Captcha Download Links; Heart's Medicine: Time to Heal Trophies - Select a trophy to see how to achieve it.)
  • 风雨无阻 by 周华健
  • 爱情专属权 (电影 西遊記之大鬧天宮 插曲) - 龍梅子&老貓
  • 天使的翅膀 (电视剧 傾世皇妃 片尾曲)- 安琥
  • 得意的笑 (御前四宝主题曲) - 李天华 (广剧)剧审字(2005)第035/635号)
  • 青蛙最伟大 (御前四宝片尾曲) - 孙逊, 馨梓 (制作许可证号:甲第061号)
  • 我会好好的 - Dr. Amy (Cyndi Wang/王心凌) (Activate Windows - Go to Settings to activate Windows. 激活Windows - 转到“设置”以激活Windows。)
  • 忘了爱 (国语,越南) - 梁碧友 电视剧“步步惊心”主题曲(Windows 7 内部版本7601 此Windows副本不是正版)
  • 嚴藝丹 - 三寸天堂 电视剧「步步驚心」片尾曲
  • 無心害你 - Susanna Kwan (关菊英) (TVB剧 溏心風暴之家好月圓 主题曲)(发行许可证号:(粤)剧审字(2008)第126号,制作许可证号:乙第11000号)
  • 陳法拉- 愛情轉駁(TVB劇集"誘情轉駁"主題曲)
  • 弃权(国语),心淡(粤语) - Sally Milligan (Joey Yung/容祖兒)
  • 愛·回家主題曲 擁抱愛鄭欣宜(Joyce Cheng)
  • 畢竟深愛過 - 六哲 电影原谅他77次主题曲
  • 我曾经最爱的女人 - 刘尊&郭彤
  • 為什麼相愛的人不能在一起 - Jacky Zheng
  • 原来我是第三者 - 威仔、格子兮,刘增瞳、箱子君
  • 我愛你勝過你愛我 (电视剧 古今大战秦俑情 片头曲)
  • 被伤过的心还可以爱谁 (电视剧 傾世皇妃/古今大战秦俑情 片尾曲) - 六哲
  • 讓全世界知道我愛你 (Want the world to know you love me) - 六哲 賀敬軒
  • 新娘不是我 - 程响
    • 相愛分開都是罪
  • 不像话 (Nothing To Say) - 吕蔷
  • 谁在意我留下的泪
  • 咱们结婚吧
  • 我的快乐就是想你 - 陳雅森
  • 得到你的人却得不到你的心
  • 沒有你陪伴真的好孤單 (I'm so lonely without you)- 夢然, 小虾米
  • 涼涼 - 楊宗緯、張碧晨 (电视剧 三生三世十里桃花 片尾曲)
  • 金缕衣
  • 为你伤自己的心
  • 繁花 (三生三世十里桃花) - 董贞
  • 只想一生跟你走 - 张学友 (电视剧 三国机密之潜龙在渊 片尾曲)(天津唐人影视股份有限公司 摄制及出品)
    • 林淑容 / 羅時豐 / 李茂山 - 無言的結局
  • 在心里从此永远有个你 - 江智民 & 周虹
  • 寶貝寶貝我愛你
  • 爱相随 - 周华健 (Emil Wakin Chau)
  • TVB劇集(誇世代/继承人)片尾曲 別再記起 - 吳若希 (上海人金文化传播有限公司 出品/承制)电视剧制作许可证号为甲第320号
    • 有雨的日子 - 六哲 (电视剧 “谈判官”主题曲)
  • 我明白你的爱 六哲(浙江金溪影视 制作许可证 浙乙第2014-28号)
  • 來生願做一朵蓮 (来生愿做一朵莲 - 魏新雨)
  • 小潘潘(潘柚彤)、小峰峰(陳峰)- 学猫叫 (Say Meow Meow) (2018年电视剧 笑傲江湖 / 电视连续剧 咱们结婚吧 片头曲)
  • 不僅僅是喜歡 - 孫語賽、蕭全
  • 聽不完的情歌流不完的淚
  • 做我老婆好不好[徐誉滕]
  • 犯错 - 斯琴高丽 顾峰
  • 雨妹妹 国语,越南语 (电视剧 闪亮茗天 片尾曲) (上海剧酷文化传播有限公司 制作许可证号甲第279号)
  • 多啦A夢 粵語 主題曲 「夢」 謝安琪
  • 流浪歌
  • 走着走着就散了
  • 为情所伤
  • 不想让你哭
  • 秋天不回来 - 王强
  • 安以轩 ~ 如果那天没有遇见你 (电视剧“御姐归来”插曲)
  • 感人故事 - 求佛 电影“白蛇传说”插曲
  • 情网 - 张学友
  • Can You Hear - Kayee Tam 譚嘉儀 (劇集 "白色強人" 插曲)
  • 有你多好 - 林師傑、譚嘉儀、伍富橋 (無綫電視劇“好日子”主题曲)
  • 两个人的回忆一个人过 庄心妍 (电视剧 贤妻 主题曲)
  • 出品方: Tools of the Star Corp. (2013-2016)

DTV TransitionEdit

Feb 17 2009Edit

  • The future of TV is here. Digital is in the air. If you now own an antenna TV, you have until Feb 2009 to upgrade it to digital Tv or it will stop working. Call this number or visit to learn how to get a big discount coupon on this low cost Digital Converter Box. Then enjoy free, over-the-air DTV with better picture and sound. Don’t wait. Make sure your TV is DTV
  • Notice how Digital's made pretty much everything better? Especially Television. Digital TVs got better picture, better sound, more channels, in fact, Digital so much better that by law, all broadcast TV has to be digital by 2009. But there's a catch, some TVs need an upgrade to get digital. You could even lose your signal. Get the facts. Visit to learn about Television switch to digital or call this number to see how you can stay connected.
  • Notice how digital's made pretty much everything better? Especially Television. Digital TVs got better picture, better sound with more channels, in fact, it’s so much better that by law, all broadcast TV has to be digital by 2009. But, some TVs need an upgrade to get digital you could even lose your signal. Get the facts. Visit or call this number to learn about TV switch to digital. (Channel 2 WCBS PSA)
  • A revolution has come to television even bigger than a change to color. On February 17 2009, television goes all digital, but without an upgrade, some TVs will stop working. Now visit a special DTV Trekker Truck to see how to convert your TV to DTV for better picture and sound. See what you're missing. Make sure your TV is DTV. Come see the DTV trekker truck at Greenbrier Mall, Tuesday January 8th from 10am to 3pm.
  • It might seem strange, but your Antenna TV could become just a box, if you don't get this box. In February 2009, Some TVs will stop working unless they're upgraded to digital television with this DTV converter box. Without this upgrade, your Antenna TV will not work. Make sure your TV is DTV. Call 888-DTV-2009 or visit Don't let your TV Become "Just A Box".
  • The future is here. Right here in this box. Because this box has the power. The power to convert your Antenna TV into DTV. Digital Television. And now this big discount coupon makes the DTV Converter Box affordable. Make sure your TV is DTV Before February 2009, or all you'll see is: (static screen) - Learn more about the converter box and coupon. Call 888-DTV-2009 or go to
  • Digital TV has better picture, better sound, more channels, but in 2009 when broadcast TV goes all digital, will you lose your signal? Go to or call this number to learn about TV switch to digital.
  • On February 17th, 2009, broadcast television goes all digital with better picture, better sound and more channels. But without an upgrade, some TVs will stop working. Find out what you need to do. Call this number or visit
  • DTV, it's as easy as 123. That's digital television. For a better picture, astonishing sound, special channels, DTV is a revolution that viewers need to know about because in 2009, changes are on the way that'll affect how we all enjoy television. So we want to make sure you know all about the big switch to DTV. So get in step, check this website or call the number on your screen (800-555-1234). We've got the answers to make DTV.
  • Get answers about the switch to digital television. The question we hear a lot is Will I need a new TV? If your old TV is connected to satellite or cable, then you shouldn't be affected. If you use an antenna, you have two options: buy a new TV or a digital converter box. Go to click DTV switch and get ready to go digital! Brought to you by hhgregg price and advice guaranteed. And WFMY News 2. Get Answers.
  • The future of television is here. Digital is in the air. I'm [insert player], if you have over-the-air television service, if you use an antenna, you're gonna need to upgrade to DTV. You have until February of 2009. Call this number or visit You'll learn how to get a big discount coupon on this low-cost digital converter box. Then enjoy free, over-the-air DTV, with better picture, better sound. Make sure your TV is DTV. Sponsored by hhgregg.
  • Hi, I'm [insert player] and I know a lot of you are wondering what you have to do to have your TV's ready for the digital conversion which is coming February 2009. And that's why WGRZ is teaming up with the HD experts here stereo advantage, make sure you have all of the information plus the system designers here at stereo advantage of over 100 years experience so they can answer all of your questions. You can also log onto click on DTV, they'll have information there for you, and you can register to win an HDTV!
  • There’s a revolution coming to your television and News 3 wants to make sure you’re ready. It’s called “Digital Television”, and in February 2009, the way you watch TV will change forever. With it, you’ll get clearer crisper pictures and better sound. But there’s a catch, your TV may need an upgrade. To find out, log on to and click on “Digital TV”. There you’ll get answers to commonly asked questions, plus blogs and other details you might need to know. Don’t let the digital revolution leave you behind. Get the facts at
  • ABC 7 wants you ready for the digital evolution. Digital quality is far better since starting February 17th, 2009, all broadcast TV has to be digital by law. Some TVs will need an upgrade. Visit or call to learn how you can go digital!

With dialog interruptionsEdit

Is your TV ready for digital? By February 17th, television stations will stop brad cake- [Interruption] Oh. That's like a tongue twister. [Continue] Television stations will stop broadcast in an analog and broadcast only in digital. Your TV needs to be ready for digital so you can keep watching. You have an analog TV with rabbit ears or rooftop antenna, you need to act. Visit [interruption] (dot gov I don't remember you heard that or) [Continue] to find out what you need to. Don't delay, or: (static screen!)


  • You are seeing this message because you need to prepare for digital television (DTV). In February, this and many other TV channels will be shut off, but all of your favorite programs are already on air as digital channels. Get ready now for DTV. You won't miss a single show and you'll enjoy better pictures and sound than you currently receive. If you get TV by a rooftop or rabbit ears, you need to prepare your TV set to receive digital television. For more information on how to prepare your TV set, call or visit If you get TV by cable or satellite, please contact your service provider directly.

Jun 12 2009Edit

  • Bob Barker reminding you in February 2009, antenna Tv changes to DTV, Digital Television. Everything will be broadcast digitally, even game shows. If you get TV with rabbit ears or a rooftop antenna, you need to upgrade the digital or you'll lose reception. Don't wait! Call this number or visit to see if you need to upgrade your TV. Make sure your TV is DTV.
  • By now, you've heard the antenna Tv is going all digital, in a nationwide switch to Digital TV is moved to a new date: June 12th, but you don't have to wait until June 12th, to enjoy free digital TV. Upgrade your Antenna TV with the converter box or buy a new digital set. Use the right antenna, and start enjoying free Digital Television now. Visit or call 888-CALL-FCC to learn more about the June 12th switch to digital TV.
  • Welcome to the Digital World. By June 12, antenna TV will be all digital. To get ready, buy a digital set or converter box like this. Setup is easy. Plug this cable from the output of the converter box to the input of your TV set. Use the right antenna, scan for channels, and start enjoying free digital TV now. To learn more, visit or phone 888-CALLFCC. Antenna TV goes all digital on June 12, so get ready and tell a friend.
  • Welcome to the Digital World. By June 12, antenna TV will be all digital. To get ready, buy a digital set or converter box. Then, try testing your antenna. Move it around like this and check your reception. If you're not getting a clear signal or getting no signal at all, you may need a new VHF-UHF antenna. To learn more visit or phone 888-CALLFCC. Antenna TV goes all digital on June 12, so get ready and tell a friend.
  • Are you ready for the digital world? By June 12, antenna TV will be all digital. Remember to rescan your converter box or your digital TV set, especially after June 12th, to get all your channels. Press Menu on your remote, and choose the Channel Scan function. By rescanning, your TV set will find all the channels available in your area. Visit or phone 888-CALL-FCC to learn more. Antenna TV goes all digital on June 12th, so get ready and tell a friend.
  • Welcome to the digital world. By June 12th, antenna TV will be all digital. Get ready with a digital TV set or converter box. Plug the cable from the output of the converter box to the TV’s input. Use the right antenna and start enjoying free digital TV now. Win tickets at 311. Log on to to enter!
  • Welcome to the Digital World. By June 12th, antenna TV will be all-digital. To get ready, buy a digital set or a converter box, then try testing your antenna, move it around like this and check your reception. If you’re not getting a clear signal or getting no signal at all, you may need a new VHF-UHF antenna.
  • Are you ready for the digital world? By June 12, antenna TV will be all digital. Remember to rescan your converter box or your digital TV set, especially after June 12th. By rescanning, your TV set will find all the channels available in your area.
  • The June 12th nationwide deadline for the DTV switch is here, and WAVY/FOX 43’s signal will be switching to digital transmission today at 9am. After the switch, analog-only televisions sets that receive programming through an antenna will need a converter box to continue to receive over-the-air television. Analog-only TVs should continue to work as before with cable and satellite tv services, gaming consoles, VCRs, DVD players and similar products. If you are having trouble seeing WAVY digital channel 10.1, or FOX 43 digital channel 43.1, try moving your antenna, then rescan your covnerter box or if you have a TV, rescan it. For more information, you can call the FCC directly at 1-888-CALL FCC or log onto

2010-2012 (Pre to approach)Edit

  • There are three main ways to switch to digital television: convert your existing TV yourself with a digital set top box, get a service like satellite, cable or broadband TV installed for you. Or, you can get a new TV with digital built-in. For friendly and partial advice on the options available where you live, call digital UK on 08456 50 50 50. Get set for digital!
  • Are you 75 and over? Or eligible disabled? If so, you will receive a letter from the help scheme about the help you can get to switch one TV to digital. For 40 pounds they can arrange for an approved installer to supply and install everything you need. For some eligible people it's free! Look out for your letter when switchover reaches your area.
  • Are you 75 and over, or eligible disabled? If so, you will receive a letter from the help scheme about the help you can get switching your TV to digital. For standard £40 fee, or free if you're eligible and also on certain benefits, they can arrange for an approved installer to supply and install everything you need. Call free 0800 40 85 900.
  • The countdown to the TV switchover has started. Digital UK is the independent organization set-up to help you through the switchover. So for advice, call 08456 50 50 50.
  • The first area for UK is now switching to digital TV. And else telling anyone when to get ready. To find out when it reaches your road, call 08456 50 50 50.
  • The first area for UK is now switching to digital TV. Different areas switch at different time. So to find out when it reaches your road, enter your postcode at
  • (That lab to be ready for switchover. This one too. And the one in the kids room, how you suppose to be in bed? Hey! Oh, sorry, by the new word in bed. Whew! Parade! Start the van!) Don't forget every television in your house will need to be ready for the digital switchover.
  • The old analog signal is being switched off for good. (My TV is not working! Can I watch Corey on yours now?) If your TV isn't ready by the 4th of April/6th of July, you'll start to lose your channels. Call 08456 50 50 50 if you’re unsure what to do.
  • The old analog signal is being switched off for good. (My TV is not working! Can I watch Corey on yours now?) If your TV isn’t ready you’ll lose your channels. Call 08456 50 50 50 if you’re unsure what to do.
  • (While sitware at football as a recorded! I can't watch this old rubbish! Ugh!) After the digital switchover all VCRs and most DVD recorders will only record the channel you're watching. If you want to record a different channel ask about a digital TV recorder. (What's going to happen?)
  • With digital switchover coming, make sure every TV in your home is ready. For independent device, call 08456 50 50 50. Why wait for switchover?
  • If you use a free view TV service, you’ll start to lose channels from the 4th of April. To get them back, just retune using your remote.
  • The TV switchover starts here on the 4th of April. So make sure you're ready.
  • Nearly all TVs can be converted to digital, so you don’t need to throw away your television.

Sep 1 2011Edit

  • If your TV is plugged into a cable or satellite service, this message is NOT for you. But if you watch TV using an antenna, you should know that on September 1st, over-the-air TV signals will be switching from analog to digital in many parts of Canada. If you own an analog TV and use an antenna, you may need a converter box to continue watching television over-the-air. They cost less than $100 CAD and are easy to install and use. Without a converter next September, your signal might look like this: (static screen)
  • The Government of Canada and the CRTC have mandated that over-the-air television transmission must switch from analog to digital in selected markets by August 31st 2011. If you watch global through cable or satellite, you won't be affected. But if you're watching global using an outdoor antenna or rabbit ears, your service may be impacted. To find out more, visit or call toll free.

April 2, Dec 3 2013 (Pre to approach)Edit

  • Australia is switching to digital TV, so you need to get ready. If you're buying a set-top box on your tv, there are government labels to help you. Analog TVs will have this label, while digital TVs have these labels. You'll need a set-top box to continue watching free-to-air shows on your analog TV. To find out how to get ready, visit the website or call (Australia 1800 20 10 13). Authorised by the Australian Government, Canberra.
  • The world is switching to digital TV, and so is Australia, so to keep watching free-to-air shows, you need to get ready. If you've got an analog TV, all you need to do is connect it to a set-top box or you can get a digital ready TV. If you're buying a set-top box or new TV, these government labels will help you. With digital TV, most people will get a clearer picture, better sound and more channels. Analog TV signals will be gradually phased out across Australia between 2010 and 2013, but don't wait till then, switch new and enjoy digital TV straight away. To find out how to get ready, visit the website or call 1800 20 10 13.
  • To keep receiving free-to-air TV after the analog signals are switched off, you have two main options: you can either get a set-top box or similar device for each analog TV you have, or you can upgrade to a Tv with a built-in digital tuner. Most importantly, you don't have to buy a new TV. To find out how to get ready and when it's happening in your area, visit the website or call 1800 20 10 13.
  • To help you get ready for digital TV, here are some things you should know. These government labels have been developed to help you choose your digital ready equipment. Look out for the labels in electronics retailers on TVs, set-top boxes, and digital TV recorders. This label shows that this analog TV is capable of receiving digital signals only if it’s connected to a set-top box. This label shows that this equipment can receive standard definition digital TV. This label shows that this equipment can receive high-definition digital TV. To find out more about standard and high-definition and the labeling scheme, visit the website or call 1800 20 10 13. Authorised by Commonwealth of Australia, Capital Hill, Canberra.
  • If you don't switch to a Digital TV before May 28th, this is the only program you’ll be able to receive! So for the best advice in price, make the switch now at R.T. Edwards the digital switchover specialists! Hurry in for huge deals on all the big brand digital TVs and set-top boxes, get expert advice on the TV or set-top box that’s right for you! Plus, you can rent it, buy it or interest free it! So make the switch at R.T. Edwards now before: (static screen!)
  • Are you ready for digital TV? In some areas, analog TV has already been switched off. Sydney and surrounding areas will be switching to digital-only TV on the 3rd December 2013. For help or more information on how to get ready for digital TV in your area, call 1800 20 10 13 or visit the website at
  • Jim's antenna for complete installation of digital antennas, computer and Internet points, telephone phones and home theater systems. We offer sound up-to-date advice for your home or office, Jim's antennas.
  • (Jimbo, Jimbo, off to work we go!) Call Jim's Antennas for digital TV antennas installed using a digital signal meter! Jim's can install your new TV, tuning it professionally and show you all the features! Jim's also install home theater systems and can conceal all those unsightly cables, and Jim's antennas is locally art. Locals looking after locals! Jim's Antennas. We'll get you ready for Digital! Call (AU 131 546)
  • Jim's antennas, for your cable and home entertainment names. Call (AU 131 546)
  • (Jimbo, Jimbo, off to where we go!) Jim's antennas, we'll get you ready for digital TV! Call (AU 131 546) or go to
  • Are you ready for digital TV? You’ll need to have the right equipment to watch and record digital TV. With Sydney and surrounding areas, switching on a 3rd of December 2013, you’ll need to get ready. Most antennas and cables are fine, but to receive digital only TV. Some may need an upgrade. For help or more information on how to get digital ready in your area, call 1800 20 10 13 or visit the website.
  • Time is running out! The analog TV signals will be switched off in less than one week, so you need to get digital ready by the 2nd of April 2013. Call (Australia 1800 20 10 13) or visit the website.
  • If you're not digital TV ready by the 28th of May/3rd of December 2013, you won't see anything. Brisbane/Sydney and surrounding areas will be switching on the 28th of May/3rd of December. So you must get ready now. For help or more information on how to get ready for digital TV in your area, call 1800 20 10 13 or visit the website at
  • Get into the good guys and get ready for digital TV! Update to the latest technology and will deliver and install your Tv and remove your old one from AU$99. Switchover happens on December 3, so get ready now! Available in store only at the good guys!
  • Are you digital ready? The analog TV switch off is happening in this area on the 3rd of December. If you haven’t already made the switch, all you need is a digital TV or digital set-top box. Your current antenna should be fine, but you may need to check it’s correctly positioned and not obstructed in any way. An endorsed antenna can help you with this. To find out more, visit the digital ready website
  • Time is running out! The analog TV signals will be switched off in less than two weeks (or one week), so you need to get digital ready by the 3rd December 2013. Call (Australia 1800 20 10 13) or visit the website.
  • You won’t see anything if you're not ready for digital TV. The switch-off happens this week, so you must get Digital-ready now. Call 1800-20-10-13 or visit the website.

September 2012 to December 2013Edit

  • Best option for you and your family. Sky has so much to offer outstanding sport and entertainment channels, fascinating documentary and lifestyle choices with plenty to keep the kids heavy. Plus this the on-screen guide, instant recording and on-demand blockbuster movies, so you can watch at a time to suit you. For all these features and more, choose Sky, when you decide to go digital! Call 0800 759 999.

Sep 13 2015Edit

  • Hello, I’m Carl Cable, your 3-in-1 cable connection, and did you know that UPC Cablecom is launching into the future and going 100% digital? This means we will be switching off analog television. But not to worry, if you have me, you also have digital. Swtiching is easy and can be done in just a few steps. First, take a closer look at your TV. Do you have a flat screen with this logo on it somehwere? You do? Great! Then all you need to do is run a digital channel scan. To find out exactly how to do this, simply refer to your TV instructions. You will also find related useful information on the UPC Cablecom website. Can’t find the logo on your TV or have an older set with a picture tube? No problem. You can watch digital television with these sets too - all you need is a converter. UPC cablecom can order the first converter free of charge. Digital Television offers you not only better picture and sound quality, but also a much greater selection of channels and all at no extra cost of course. After making this switch, you will be asking yourself, “Why didn’t I do it much sooner?” Enjoy more channels and more entertainment. For further information go to our website, give us a call, or visit our shops or specialist retailers. And remember, if you have me, you also have digital tV.

DVB-T2 Roll Out in MediacorpEdit

Mediacorp has started digital TV broadcast for its seven free-to-air channels in phases. Digital TV gives better quality pictures and sound and has features such as Electronic Programme Guides and multi-language subtitles. If you are a pay TV subscriber, you are already enjoying digital TV. If your TV set is not connected to pay TV services, you can enjoy digital TV by connecting your TV set to a digital TV ready set-top box and an antenna. If you plan to buy a new TV, consider getting a digital TV ready set which is identified by this label. These TVs don't require set-top box, you simply connect the TV to an antenna. Mediacorp will continue analogue broadcast for at least 2 more years, so you will have sufficient time to get ready for digital TV. To find out more about digital TV, including its phased rollout plan, please visit!

Mediacorp - Jan 22 2016Edit

I'm going to upgrade your TV to digital TV. Is this TV connected to StarHub TV or Singtel TV service? If it is, you are already enjoying digital TV.

How to set up digital TVEdit

If it's not, all you need is just this antenna and this set-top box.

  1. Number 1. If you are using a TV which is not digital-ready, just connect the antenna to the set-top box with the antenna cable. Then connect the set-top box to your TV with a HDMI cable or a three-colored AV cable depending on your TV's connection ports. If you are using the set-top box, make sure to select HDMI or AV using the Source button. Then use the set-top box remote control to scan and control the TV channels.
  2. Number 2. If your TV is digital ready, it's super easy as your TV has a built-in DVB-T2 tuner. You just need to connect the antenna to your Tv with the antenna cable. After all the connections are done, scan the digital TV channels by following the on-screen instructions. To know if a Tv or a set-top box is digital-ready, simply look out for these Digital Tv consumer labels when buying the equipment.

Antenna ChecksEdit

That's all? Not yet, a few last checks! Is your antenna connected to the correct input of your Tv or set-top box? Does your antenna require a power source? If yes, make sure it is powered. If you're using the set-top box, make sure the antenna power option is switched to ON under the menu options of the set-top box. How can I be sure that I get the best reception? You can use the signal strength indicator function in your TV or set-top box to help you find the optimum position of your antenna. You can place the antenna near a window, position the antenna higher or away from other electronic equipment and the TV.

How to record digital TVEdit

Can I record my favorite programs so that I don't miss them when I go out? Yes of course. Check with the retailers on the availability of the recording function on your TV or set-top box. If your TV or set-top box is able to support recording function, just connect a storage device like a thumb drive or portable hard disk to the USB port to record your TV programs. Some TV sets or set-top boxes allow you to record using the built-in storage disk drive. You can now record in HD quality and it's so easy to recording using the Electronic Program Guide.

For more information, visit or call 6435 6288.

Network upgradeEdit

  • Mediacorp is upgrading its digital TV network. To continue watching this channel, you need to switch to the new network by 28 February 2017. To switch:
  • From 1 March 2017 this channel will cease operation and will be available on the new digital TV network. To continue watching this channel, you need to:
    • Option 1: Convert your existing TV with a DVB-T2 digital set top box and antenna
    • Option 2: upgraded to TV with built in DVB-T2 Digital tuner and antenna.
  • For more info, visit or call 6435 6288

MediaCorp - Nov 5 2017Edit

  • If your TV is NOT digital ready, you need an indoor antenna and a digital set-top box.
  1. Connect the indoor antenna to the set-top box with the antenna cable. Make sure the indoor antenna is connected to the right port.
    • The best reception, place the antenna high up or away from electronic equipment and other sources of interference.
  2. If you're using a flat-screen TV, connect the set-top box to the Tv with the HDMI Cable. Switch on the TV, then select HDMI using the source button on your TV remote.
    • 2a: If you're using an analog CRT TV, connect the set top box to the TV with the AV Cable. Switch on the TV then select AV using the source button on your TV remote.
  3. Switch on the set-top box and scan the digital TV channels by following the on-screen instructions or via the set-top box menu.
    • If you're using an active indoor antenna, switch on the Antenna power option in the set-top menu.
    • You can use this signal strength indicator function in the set-top box menu to find the optimum position for your indoor antenna.
  • And you're all set to start watching digital TV! If you need help with any of the steps, call Singapore 6435 6288.
  • If your TV is digital ready, you just need an indoor antenna.
  • Step 1: Connect the Indoor Anteena to the TV with the Antenna cable. Make sure the Indoor Antenna is connected to the right port. If you're using an active indoor antenna, first connect the antenna cable to the antenna port on the TV. Then plug the USB Canle into the USB port on the TV to switch on the Antenna power. If your active Indoor antenna comes with the power adapter, plug the adapter into the power socket to switch on the antenna power. The best reception, place the antenna high up or away from electronic equipment and other sources of interference.
  • Step 2: Switch on the TV and scan the digital TV channels by following the on-screen instructions or via the TV menu. You can use this signal strength indicator function in the TV menu to find the optimum position for your indoor antenna.
  • And you're all set to start watching digital TV! If you need help with any of the steps, call Singapore 6435 6288.

Dec 31 2018 (Pre-to-approach)Edit

  • To continue watching your favorite Mediacorp shows in HIGH DEFINITION, switch to digital TV, now. Where was I? Analogue TV ends 31st December 2018 (New Years Eve 2018). Switch to Digital TV. Just check and Connect! Visit to find out more!
  • 模拟电视频道将于2018年12月31日停播。记得转换为数码电视广播。只先确认&再安装。预知更多详情,请上网
  • That guy’s great! You switch to Digital TV yet? Much better. High DEF-I-NI-TION. My wife loves drama in HD. Switch now, you can win prizes, like 55-inch TV. Very big! Very drama! I know, Uncle. I switched already! Switch to Digital TV now! (Analog Tv ends 31 Dec 2018) Find out more at

The switch-off in stages

  1. Analogue Logo shown in TVs.
  2. Logo moved slightly to the left.
  3. You are seeing this message because you are on Analogue TV. If you do not switch to Digital TV, you will not be able to receive TV signals after 31 Dec 2018. Visit or call 1800-388-4357. (您自前是通过“模拟电视”(Analogue TV)收看节目。如果您尚未转换到数码电视(Digital TV),将无法在2018年12月31日之后接收到电视信号。欲知详情, 请浏览 或致电 1800-388-4357查詢。)
  4. You are watching analogue TV channels. The picture size on your analogue TV screen will be reduced from 17 September. Switch to digital TV now. Visit or call 1800-388-4357. (您自前是通过“模拟电视”(Analogue TV)收看节目。模拟电视画面将于2018年9月17日开始缩小。现在转换为数码电视。欲知详情, 请浏览 或致电 1800-388-4357查询。)
  5. From January 1st 2019, analogue TV will cease transmission. To continue watching this channel: Connect your TV (not digital-ready) to a digital set-top box or antenna; or, Connect your TV (digital-ready) to an antenna. For more info, visit (“模拟 电视" (Analogue TV) 将于 2019年1月1日停播。若想通过数码电视 (Digital TV) 继续收看这个频道的节目 , 您可:使用不具备 DVB-T2 数码功能的电视机, 并安装室内天线和DVB-T2数码接收器 或 使用具备DVB-T2数码功能 的电视机, 并安装室内天线。欲知详情, 请浏览 或致电1800-388-4357)
    1. Your screen will revert to normal after you have switched to DTV.(转换为数码电视后, 您的 电视屏幕将恢复正常。)
    2. You will not be able to watch this channel from January 1st 2019. Your screen will revert to normal after you have switched to Digital TV. SWITCH NOW! Visit or Call.(从2019年1月1日起,您将无法继续收看这个频道的节目。现在就行动吧。请浏览 或致电1800-388-4357)
    3. You will not be able to watch this channel from January 2nd 2019.
  • Even dinosaurs have gone digital. Have you? Save more than 40% now! Plus, enjoy free home delivery with a minimum spend of S$200. Available at the following Giant stores! Don't wait any longer. Switch to digital TV now!

Jan 14, 2020 (Pre-to-approach)Edit

After 10 years, support for Windows 7 is nearing the end. January 14, 2020 is the last day Microsoft will offer security updates and technical support for computers running Windows 7. We know change can be difficult, that's why we're reaching out early to help you back up your files and prepares for what's next.

Support for Windows 7 is coming to an end. Please note that after January 14, 2020, Microsoft will no longer provide security updates or technical support for Windows 7. We recommend backing up your files to ease the transition.
You are seeing this message because you're on Windows 7. If you do not upgrade to Windows 10, you will not be able to receive security updates, bug fixes or technical support after January 14 2020. Visit or call (SG 800 1013 659) to learn more.
You're using Windows 7 personal computer. The picture size on your Windows 7 personal computer screen will be reduced commencing 1 October 2019. Switch to Windows 10 now. Visit or call (SG 800 1013 659).
We're here to help. It’s time to prepare for Windows 7 end of support on January 14, 2020. To help you get ready, we have step-by-step tutorials on how to back up your files. Plus, you'll find videos all about the basics and benefits of a Windows 10 PC.
Security support for Windows 7 is ending January 14, 2020. After 10 years, support for Windows 7 is coming to an end. The two best things you can do to prepare for the transition are, back up your files, and then get ready for what's next. We have tools to help you with both.

历经10年,对Windows7的支持已近维尾声,2020年1月14日,这是Microsoft为运行Windows 7的计算机提供安全更新程序和技术支持的最后一天。我们知道改变可能会很难,因此,我们早早的开始行动,帮助您备份文件,为接下来的变化做好准备。

请注意,2020年1月14日后,Microsoft将不再为Windows 7提供安全更新或技术支持。我们建议您备份文件,让系统转换更容易。
您看到此消息是因为您使用的是Windows 7计算机。如果您尚未升级到Windows 10,则在2020年1月14日之后将无法接收安全更新,错误修复或技术支持。欲知详情, 请浏览 或拨打(SG 800 1013 659)查询。
您正在使用Windows 7个人计算机。 Windows 7个人计算机屏幕上的图片大小将从2019年10月1日开始减少。现在切换到Windows 10。 欲知详情, 请浏览 或致电(SG 800 1013 659)查询。

Your Windows 7 PC is out of support
As of January 14, 2020, support for Windows 7 has come to an end. Your PC is more vulnerable to viruses and malware due to:

  • No security or software updates
  • No tech support

Microsoft strongly recommends using Windows 10 on a new PC for the latest security features and protection against malicious software.

Dec 1, 2020 (Pre-to-approach)Edit

I’m analogue TV grandpa, I receive up to five free TV channels.

I’m Digital TV boy, and I receive 12 high-definition digital TV channels. From December 1st, 2020, free Tv broadcasting will be fully digital!
So I can no longer receive any TV signals?
Don't worry. You still have more than a year to get prepared. Viewers with analogue TV sets can add a set-top box, or get a digital TV, to continue watching free TV programmes. For enquiries, call 3655 5618 or go to


查詢可以打3655 5618!

我是模擬電視爺爺, 最多可收看五條免費電視頻道.

我是數碼電視仔, 可收看十二條高清數碼頻道.
從2020年12月1日起, 免費電視廣播將全面數碼化.
不用擔心,還有一年多的時間準備. 使用模擬電視機的觀眾, 只要加裝機頂盒, 或更換數碼電視, 便可繼續收看免費電視節目.
查詢可致電3655 5618!

From December 1, 2020, free TV broadcasting will be fully digital. Five analogue channels will be switched off, but don’t worry. Viewers with analogue TV sets still have more than a year to get prepared. To continue watching free TV programmes after the switch-off date, add a set-top box or get a digital TV. Remember, full digital TV broadcasting will start on December 1 next year. For enquiries, call 3655 5618.

2020年12月1號起,免費電視廣播會全面數碼化,到時五條模擬頻道會終止廣播。用緊模擬電視機嘅觀眾唔使驚,仲有一年幾嘅時間準備;只要裝個機頂盒,或者換數碼電視,就可以繼續睇免費電視節目喇。全面數碼電視廣播下年12月1號開始喇。查詢可以打3655 5618!

從2020年12月1號起,免費電視廣播會全面數碼化,屆時五條模擬頻道會終止廣播。使用模擬電視機的觀眾不用擔心,還有一年多的時間作準備;只要安裝機頂盒,或者換上數碼電視,就可以繼續收看免費電視節目。全面數碼電視廣播明年12月1日開始。查詢請撥打3655 5618!

Analog switch-offEdit


  • Australia 2010: The analogue TV service will close at 9am on June 30. Call 1800 20 10 13 for assistance.
  • ITV 2010-2012: Analogue TV services will cease after midnight. You will need to retune your Freeview TV or set-top box tomorrow to receive all your channels. Most people will be able to re-tune by 6am, but for some it will be late afternoon. Questions? Call digital UK on 08456 50 50 50.
  • Before July 2011 and March 2012: ご覧のアナログ放送の番組は 7月24日に終了します。デジタル放送の準備をお急ぎください。【お問い合わせ】総務省 地デジコールセンター 0570-07-0101 (平日 9時~21時 土日祝 9時~18時)
  • Australia 2013: On May 28th, December 3rd, or December 10th, this analogue Tv service will be switched off permanently. Continue watching Channel Ten on digital TV. Need info? Call 1800 20 10 13.
    • Commencing next Tuesday, May 28th, December 3rd (or December 10th), Channel 7 Brisbane/Sydney/Melbourne can be seen via digital television only. Channel 7 will no longer broadcast for old TVs. Please ensure that you have a digital TV or a digital set-top box so you can continue to enjoy Channel 7 and our digital channels 7two and 7mate. For more information call 1800 20 10 13 or go to
  • Sep 21 2019 - We are currently migrating from analogue to digital TV broadcast. For more details and information on how to get your digital decoder, visit or call 1800–18-1088.
    • 电视广播即将从类比电视系统升级至数码电视系统。欲安装数码电视解码器或其他更多详情,请浏览 或拨电 1800-18-1088.


  • February 17, 2009 - Since 1954 WWNY Carthage/Watertown has been broadcasting with an analog frequency. Today marks the end of WWNY’s analog transmission. From this date forward we’ll be broadcasting in a DIGITAL format only. If you are viewing this message, your TV set is NOT ready for DIGITAL. You need a DIGITAL converter box or DIGITAL TV. For more information visit our website at or
  • March 31, 2009 - This Concludes the Analog Transmission of WOSU-TV, Channel 34 by Ohio State University. 53 years and 39 days of service
  • June 12, 2009
    • If you still need a converter box for your analog television, more $40 government coupons are now available, and your coupons expired, you can now reapply online by phone or by mail. Coupons will expire 90 days from the day they are mailed and applications will be accepted July 31st 2009 as long as funding is available. If you have any questions throughout digital television, call toll-free or visit
      • Statewide Iowa Public Television will now cease analog broadcasting. Our programming will switch to IPTV’s digital service. You may notice a slight interruption while we make the switch. If you are no longer able to receive our signal after we make the switch, help is available. You can contact the FCC at 1-888-CALL-FCC after 7:00 a.m. Friday morning you can call Iowa Public Television at toll-free. Information is available 24 hours a day at, and as always, thank you for watching Iowa Public Television.
    • This is WCBS-TV, New York. WCBS-TV broadcasted on Channel 2 by the authority of the Federal Communications Commission. WCBS-TV is owned by CBS Inc. and is operated by the CBS Television Station Division. WCBS-TV will cease broadcasting regular analog programming on Channel 2 permanently effective with this sign-off. The next regularly schedule broadcast on WCBS-TV analog will be nightlight public service announcement at 3 PM.
      • Good afternoon, this is WCBS-TV. WCBS-TV is owned and operated by CBS Inc. This station will operate for the next 30 days as a nightlight station only for the New York area. The only programming that will be present is “Information Regarding the Switch to Digital Television” and where you can obtain assistance.
    • When you read this message, it means you are still watching analog TV. Blue Ridge PBS will permanently shut off its analog TV service on Friday, June 12, at 9 AM. To receive a digital signal, which is the new TV standard, you may: Purchase and install a converter box for your analog TV, purchase a TV with a digital tuner, or connect your analog TV to cable, satellite or other pay TV service. If you have DTV questions: Visit or Call the federal communications commission toll free 1-888-CALL-FCC or Call Blue Ridge PBS toll free 1-888-332-7788 (Mon-Fri, 8am - 5pm). TV converter box coupons are still available. Call 1-888-DTV-2009 or visit If you are already using a digital TV or a converter box: You may need to re-scan multiple times on June 12 and/or re-scan on June 13.
    • The federally mandated DTV Conversion has now occurred. By law, WISH-TV and MyINDY-TV, along with all other television stations in the United States, must cease broadcasting on their analog channels by June 12th. You must now have a digital television set or digital set-top converter box to receive any television station’s signal. If you can not see WISH-TV or MyINDY-TV on the digital channels, please contact us at 317-923-8888 or contact the FCC for more information at 888-225-5322 or online at
    • This is WFTV, Orlando. WFTV signed on February 1st 1958 as WLOF-TV. We have proudly served the Central Florida community ever since. Today, our analog service fades into history, marking the end of our transition to digital, at the beginning of an era of crystal-clear HDTV with new services that only digital can bring. We thank those who have come before us, and we look forward to another 50 years of service to our community. WFTV analog is now signing off, however our digital service continues. For more information, call 1-800-972-9388.
    • This is WLWT Cincinnati. It's the end of an era as WLWT now concludes all scheduled programming on our analog signal. It’s been a historic 61 years for WLWT analog TV. The first TV station in Cincinnati, the first NBC affiliate in the country, the first all colored television station in the country, the first digital station in Cincinnati, and now the last analog station to sign off. No other TV station in Cincinnati or the nation can match WLWT’s incredible history of talent and programming, a tradition which continues into today's digital era and beyond. And now, for the final time on analog television, this is WLWT Cincinnati. Programming news and weather continues on WLWT digital television 5-1, and on This is Bill Myers, wishing you a very pleasant good night from Mount Auburn.
  • July 11th, 2009 - Attention analog customers: this is being broadcasted to all goAnimate Channels. We're about to cease all transmissions on your analog signal except GoCable. If you're seeing this message, you still haven't made the switch to GoCable analog or a digital television! In order to keep watching TV, you must get GoCable analog or a digital receiver. Both GoCable analog and digital receivers are easy to install, and with digital you'll enjoy better picture and sound than you currently receive. For more information, call the number on screen or visit the websites on screen. So thanks for all the support, and we'll see you on digital television.
  • March 31, 2010 - Next on BBC one Wales: The true story of a man who built a record-breaking bike out of washing machine bits. No really, but that's for digital viewers only, because we've come to the end of the line for analog TV in Wales. To continue watching BBC One Wales, please switch to your digital service. This is BBC One Wales on analog, and in just a moment, it's been turned off along with all the remaining analog channels forever. This will complete digital switchover in Wales making us the first digital TV nation in the UK. Tomorrow you will need to retune your digital equipment again to pick up additional channels, if you need more information you can call Digital UK on 80456 50 50 50 lines are open from 6an]m or you can visit And that really is it for analog television in Wales. Engineers are standing by to pull the plug as we reach another Welsh broadcasting landmark. Please switch to your digital service to continue watching BBC One Wales, but from everyone here at BBC Cymru Wales, goodbye to analog television.
    • And that concludes the last ever English language broadband broadcast on S4C analog, we like to thank channel 4 for 28 years. Television is going digital. And S4C will be totally Welsh channel for the end of March. You can contact us for more information on with the show.
    • Analogue transmission on Wales has come to a close. There will be no Channel 4 programmes on SFC after 30 March 2010. S4C is available on Sky 104, Freeview 004, Virgin TV 167, Freesat 104.
  • June 30, 2010 - If this is the only service you can receive you need to convert to your television with a digital set top box or digital video recorder, or upgrade to a television with a built-in digital tuner. To find out more call the digital ready information line 1800 20 10 13
  • June 22, 2011 - Now some important transmitter information: Digital switchover at the Black Hill Transmitter group is completed tonight, meaning the viewers in Glasgow, Central Scotland, and Part Salsburgh will be losing BBC One Scotland on analog permanently. With interruptions on BBC one Scotland on freeview overnight, by 6:00 tomorrow morning, BBC Scotland will be available again to most viewers through freeview, but you need to retune your digital box or TV in order to pick it up. Viewers elsehwere in Scotland or who are watching on cable or satellite will not be affected. And incidently, this marks the final switch-off on analog teleivsion for the hold of Scotland. For any further help, you can contact Digital UK after 8am on 08456 50 50 50 or visit
  • July 24, 2011

ご覧のアナログ放送の番組は, きょう正午に終了しました. 今後はデジタル放送でご覧ください. 総務省地デジコールセンター 0570-07-0101 NHKアナログ放送終了 お問い合わせセンター 0570-07-2011

(ご覧のアナログ放送の番組は, きょう正午に終了しました。今後はデジタル放送でご覧ください。お問い合わせは総務省地デジコールセンター0570 07 0101、またはNHKアナログ放送終了お問い合わせセンター0570 07 2011へお願いします)

ご覧のアナログ放送の番組は, 本日正午に終了しました。今後はデジタル放送をお楽しみください。【お問い合わせ】総務省地デジコールセンター 0570-07-0101 日本テレビ視聴者センター 03-6215-4444

(アナログ放送が7月24日正午に終了しました。お問い合わせは0570 07 0101まで)



お知らせ: TBSテレビのアナログ放送の番組は, 本日正午に終了いたしました. 長い間、TBSテレビのアナログ放送をご覧いただき, ありがとうございました. 今後はデジタル放送の番組をお楽しみ下さい【お問い合わせ】 総務省地デジコールセンター 0570-07-0101 TBSテレビ視聴者センター 03-3746-6666

(TBSテレビのアナログ放送の番組は本日正午に終了致しました。長い間アナログ放送をご覧頂き、ありがとうございました。今後はデジタル放送の番組をお楽しみ下さい。なお、このままではデジタル放送を見ることはできません。お問い合わせは0570 07 0101、総務省地デジコールセンター、または03 3746 6666、TBSテレビ視聴者センターまで)


アナログ放送は終了します。 ありがとうございました。

ご覧のアナログ放送の番組は, 本日正午に終了しました。今後はデジタル放送をお楽しみください。お問い合わせ 総務省地デジコールセンター 0570-07-0101 フジテレビ視聴者総合センター(午前9時30分~午後9時) 03-5531-1111

(ご覧のアナログ放送の番組は本日正午に終了しました。今後はデジタル放送をお楽しみください。地デジに関するお問い合わせ総務省地デジコールセンター、0570 07 0101、フジテレビ視聴者総合センター、03 5531 1111まで)



ご覧のアナログ放送の番組は, 本日正午に終了しました。今後はデジタル放送をお楽しみください。【お問い合わせ】総務省地デジコールセンター 0570-07-0101 テレビ朝日視聴者窓口「はい!テレビ朝日です」 03-6406-5555

(テレビ朝日からのお知らせです。ご覧のアナログ放送の番組は本日正午に終了しました。今後はデジタル放送をお楽しみください。お問い合わせはお近くのデジサポや総務省地デジコールセンター、電話0570 07 0101、またはテレビ朝日視聴者窓口、はいテレビ朝日です、電話03 6406 5555までお願い致します。テレビ朝日はデジタル放送では5チャンネルです)

アナログ放送はまもなく終了します 今後はデジタル放送をお楽しみください


ご覧のアナログ放送の番組は, 本日正午に終了しました。今後はデジタル放送をお楽しみください。【お問い合わせ】総務省地デジコールセンター 0570-07-0101 テレビ東京 03-5470-7777

(テレビ東京からのお知らせです。ご覧のアナログ放送の番組は本日正午に終了しました。今後はデジタル放送をお楽しみください。お問い合わせは総務省地デジコールセンター、電話0570 07 0101、またはテレビ東京、電話03 5470 7777までお願い致します。)


ご覧のアナログ放送の番組は, 本日正午に終了しました。今後はデジタル放送をお楽しみください。【お問い合わせ】総務省地デジコールセンター 0570-07-0101 TOKYO MXパブリックセンター 0570-00-1400 (本日は午後6時まで)

(ご覧のアナログ放送の番組は本日正午に終了しました。今後はデジタル放送をお楽しみください。お問い合わせは総務省地デジコールセンター0570 07の0101、またはTokyo MXパブリックセンター0570 00の1400です。パブリックセンターは本日午後6時まで、明日は朝9時から受け付けております)

ご覧のアナログ放送の番組は, 本日正午に終了しました。今後はデジタル放送をお楽しみください。【お問い合わせ】 テジサポ神奈川コールセンター 045-345-0110 tvk受信相談係 045-651-1711(本日は18時まで)

  • Sep 21, 2011 - Now if you live in Yorkshire or the West Midlands, here’s some important information: digital switchover is now complete, and that means no more analogue TV and also tonight, digital services will actually off air too after midnight. Everything will be back to normal by breakfast at 6:00 in the morning though, so to confirm again, that’s just for viewers in Yorkshire and the West Midlands. Right now on BBC One tonight’s film drama in the courtroom for Antony Hopkins and Morgan Feeeman in Amistad.
  • March 31, 2012 - お知らせ: TBCテレビのアナログ放送の番組は, 本日正午に終了いたしました. 長い間、TBCテレビのアナログ放送をご覧いただき, ありがとうございました. 今後はデジタル放送の番組をお楽しみください。デジサポ宮城 022-745-1500 東北放送視聴者センター 022-229-1111
  • April 4, 2012 - And that was the final program to be broadcast on analog BBC Two in London. Engineers were about to switch off what was Europe's first regular color television service when switched over from black and white in 1967. But now BBC two in London will be available only in digital, so for London's analog viewers, you've been watching BBC Two.
  • April 18, 2012 - And now the end of an era after more than 75 years, BBC television will cease broadcasting to London on analog. The BBC's director-general Mark Thompson is standing by to switch off the Crystal Palace transmitter from that moment on television on London will be digital only. So, one last time from the Capital's analog viewers, this is BBC One.
  • Oct 23 2012 - This is BBC One Northern Ireland, where programmes will continue in a few moments unless you’re watching on analogue television. The final stage of digital switchover is about to get underway. In a few moments we’ll be turning off this and all the remaining analogue channels forever, and overnight turning on the remaining new high-power freeview transmitters. This will mean there’ll be disruption to some services on freeview through the night, and you may need to retune your TV or set-top box tomorrow. Satellite and cable viewers are not affected. If you, or someone you know needs help or advice with switching to digital or with retuning, you can contact digital Uk on 08456 50 50 50 from 8 o’clock tomorrow morning. Calls costs up to 5 pence per minute for most landlines though calls from mobiles may cost considerably more. You can also visit the website at which is information on how to retune. Analogue television has seen many technological advances and additions since the days of Baird and Marconi. From 405-line black and white to 625-line color, the introduction of Ceefax, the world’s teletext system, and My Cam stereo to name just a few. The move to digital television will allow technology to advance still further providing even more services, and so from tomorrow morning BBC One Northern Ireland will be available in high-definition on freeview, satellite and cable. Nigh though, we enter a new era of broadcasting as this becomes a fully digital UK. From the analogue BBC Television service, goodnight and goodbye.
  • Dec 3, 2013 -You’re watching Channel 7, as we say goodbye to the 57 years of Analogue TV.
    • This service is about to end. Channel 7 Sydney can be seen by a digital television and will no longer broadcast for old TVs. Please ensure you have a digital TV or digital set-top box so you can continue to enjoy channel 7 and our digital channels 7two and 7mate. For more information call (AU: 1800 20 10 13), or go to
  • Dec 10, 2013 - How do you do, ladies and gentlemen? This is a test transmission from HSV channel 7, the Herald-Sun Television station. These transmissions appear until the opening of the station on channel 7 on November 4th, 1956. This is Channel 7. Good evening everyone. HSV 7 will be closing down in a few moments because of the power strike, but before we do the news in this is Herald-Sun Television. The time is 9 o'clock.
  • May 19, 2015 - UPC Cablecom has ceased the analogue television services in your region.
    • Change now to digital television.
    • You can find more information, 0800-800-444, In The Shops and Service Points of UPC Cablecom, with your local TV retailer.
  • Jan 2 2019 - Analogue TV has ceased.
    • To continue watching Mediacorp TV channels, please switch to Digital TV. For assistance - Toll-free,, Nearest Community Center / Club. Catch all your favorite Mediacorp TV channels on Toggle: Mobile Devices, Smart TVs, Computers, Apple TV, Chromecast. Watch now on
  • myFreeview

Please switch over to myFreeview Digital TV broadcast.

  • Method 1: Connect a DVB-T2 decoder and UHF Aerial to your TV
  • Method 2: Connect a UHF Aerial to your iDTV.
    • Sep 30 2019 - Analogue TV broadcasts have turned to myFreeview Digital TV broadcasts in the central & southern regions of Malaysia.
  • 以下節目以全高清製作,請各位細心欣賞!(以下節目以全高清製作,優質視聽,請細心欣賞!)
  • 以下節目,備有字幕自選功能,數碼電視觀眾可自選繁體中文、簡體中文字幕、或隱藏字幕。(以下節目,數碼電視觀眾可享自選字幕功能。)
  • Digital channel 84 Pearl will be rearranged soon at 3:00 am. When the signal goes out, viewers must rescan the digital channels on the digital TV or set top box to continue watching digital channel 84 Pearl. Thank you (数码频道84台明珠台將於凌晨三点作出广播訊號調整。当信号中断,观众必须为数码电视或机顶盒重新数码信号,以继续收看数码频道84台「明珠台」)
  • 以下時段,翡翠台與高清翡翠台 將進行同步廣播,一同享受視聽震撼!
  • 以下時段,翡翠台與中央电视台 將進行同步廣播,一同享受視聽震撼!
  • 以下時段,翡翠台與高清翡翠台 將進行分途廣播,提供雙重精彩!
  • 以下時段,81台翡翠台及85台高清翡翠台 將進行同步廣播
  • 以下時段,81台翡翠台及85台高清翡翠台 將進行分途廣播,提供雙重精彩!
  • 本港台/翡翠台 不存在,要刪除嗎?(Mango pudding)

Program change (節目調動)Edit


  • 由於颱風關係,本台喺稍後節目將會有所調動,敬请觀眾留意收睇。
  • 由於颱風關係,本台原定安排的節目,將會有所調動,敬请觀眾留意收睇。


  • 2009 - 2012: We just like to let you know that next week's edition of "Men vs. Wild" will be preempted for 1 week only.
  • 2018 - We just like to let you know that due to program change, tomorrow’s edition of the TVBS news and CCTV news will be preempted.


  • 因節目調動,明日同样时间「她愛上了我的謊」將改于上午9时正播出,敬请留意。
  • 因節目調動,下星期一同样时间「瑪嘉烈與大衛系列: 前度」將暂停播映,敬请留意。

Coming up next (節目預告)Edit


  • 1989 - 義不容情(即將放映)
  • 2001 - 稍後請收睇金曲挑戰站
  • 2005 - 早晨,今日係2月22号星期二,稍後請收睇《蕃茄TWINS》。
  • 2006 - 跟住播映嘅係《六点半新闻报道》。
    • 上海商業銀行特約: 交易現場 即將播映, 嘅請收睇《娛樂直播》。
  • 2007 - 恭喜發財!今日係二月十八号年初一,喺稍後請收睇港台製作約《識多一点点》。
  • 2008 - 恭喜發財!今日係二月七号年初一,喺稍後請收睇《开心华之里》。
    • 喺稍後請收睇(北京奧運2008開幕禮)。
    • 喺稍後係播映《宣傳易》,之後請收睇劇集《翡翠戀曲》
  • 2009 - 恭喜發財!今日係一月二十六号年初一,喺稍後請收睇《我愛玫瑰園》。
    • 早晨,今日係二月三号星期二,稍後請收睇《我愛玫瑰園》。
    • 喺稍後請收睇《霎時感動》。
  • 2010 - 早晨,今日係一月十九号星期二,稍後請收睇《公私三文治》。
    • 跟住落嚟係《午间新间》嘅請收睇太子珠寶鐘錶特約:瞬間看地球。
    • 喺稍後請收睇《愛.心意》。
  • 2011 - 喺稍後請收睇集《晚间新闻》,嘅係天氣報告。太子珠寶鐘錶特約:瞬間看地球。
    • 跟住播映嘅係《宣传易》。
    • 喺稍後請收睇《最低工资情报站》, 嘅係《六点半新闻报道》。
  • 2012 - 喺稍後請收睇《晚间新闻》嘅係英皇金融證券集團特約:新聞檔案。
    • 跟住係 (七点新闻报道).
  • 2013 - 跟住落嚟播映《勁歌金曲》。
    • 跟住播映嘅係《宣传易》。
    • 喺稍後係播映高清剧场:还珠格格之燕儿翩翩飞。
  • 2014 - 喺稍後請收睇《晚间新闻》嘅係英皇金融證券集團特約:新聞檔案。
    • 早晨,今日係8月26号星期二,跟住播映嘅係《婆媽女婿》。
  • 2015 - 跟住英皇金融證券集團特約:環球新聞檔案,嘅係集《晚间新闻》。
  • 2016 - 跟住《晚间新闻》,嘅係FANCL Tense Up 胶原蛋白饮料特约:天氣報告。嘅係太子珠寶鐘錶特約:瞬間看地球。
    • 跟住係结好证券特约:新聞檔案,嘅係《六点半新闻报道》。
    • 跟住落嚟係《2016年勁歌金曲優秀選第二回》
    • 喺稍後請收睇 (多啦A夢)
  • 2017 - 喺稍後請收睇尚家生活地產特约:環球新聞檔案,嘅係《晚间新闻》。
    • 喺稍後請收睇慕思睡眠系统特约:新聞檔案,之后係《六点半新闻报道》。
    • 喺稍後請收睇《财经新闻》
  • 2018 - 恭喜發財!今日係2月16号年初一,喺稍後請收睇《香港早晨》。
    • 跟住係多啦A夢大電影:新大雄的大魔境 - 柏高與5人之探險隊 (动画)
    • 跟住係苏丽钟表特约- 财经透视.
    • 恭喜發財!今日係2月17号年初二,喺稍後請收睇《香港早晨》。
    • 恭喜發財!今日係2月18号年初三,喺稍後請收睇《粵語晨片 - 天天報喜》。
    • 早晨,今日係2月15号星期四,跟住係《香港早晨》。
    • 跟住係FANCL Tense Up 特约:天氣報告。嘅係太子珠寶鐘錶特約:瞬間看地球。
    • 喺稍後請收睇《今日VIP》
    • 跟住係《花生動画》
    • 早晨,今日係2月26号星期一,跟住係《香港早晨》。
    • 跟住係資本策略地產有限公司特約:環球新聞檔案,嘅係集《晚间新闻》。
    • 跟住係港台製作約《左右紅藍綠》嘅係《都市閒情》。
    • 跟住落嚟係《宣传易》。
    • 跟住係《中国旅遊集团2018香港除夕倒數》。
    • 跟住係《宣传易》,嘅係上海商業銀行特約: 交易現場
    • 跟住播映嘅係上海商業銀行特約: 交易現場
    • 跟住係《時事通識》嘅係太子珠寶鐘錶特約:瞬間看地球, 之跟住《都市閒情》。
    • 跟住係《晚间新闻》,嘅係FANCL Tense Up 特约:天氣報告。嘅係太子珠寶鐘錶特約:瞬間看地球。
    • 早晨,今日係9月2號星期日,喺稍後請收睇一套粵語晨片:蜜月。
    • 跟住播映嘅係上海商業銀行特約: 交易現場,嘅係《新我们这一家》。
    • 跟住係港台製作約《頭條新聞》。
  • 2019 - 恭喜發財!今日係2月5號年初一,喺稍後請收睇《香港早晨》。
    • 跟住係 上海商業銀行特約:《交易現場》,之後係《數碼暴龍App世代》


  • 跟住落嚟播映《六點半新聞報導》。
  • 跟住落嚟播映《Y Angle》。


  • 2009 - Kawaii TV
  • 2012 - 流行速遞


  • 2003 - And we continue our program line up here on Pearl shortly with Simply Yo-Yo.. Stay with us.
    • For a latest in American and European financial markeys stay with us now in our lab for World Market Update.
  • Coming up shorty we hand you over the news department for another summary of the day's stories in the News Roundup.
  • 2005 - And we continue our program line up here on Pearl with our Holiday Feature: stay with us for the Borrowers.
  • 2009 - You’re tuned with TVB Pearl. Absolutely stay with us for the news you can use in Bloomberg Weekend News.
  • 2010 - You’re watching TVB Pearl. Absolutely it’s all today’s top stories in CCTV News - Live which is presented in English.
  • 2012 - Coming up great fast skateboard action in NBA Line 2011/2012 - Minnesota Timberwolves Vs Los Angeles Clippers.
  • 2013 - Absolutely on Pearl: it’s all today’s top stories in the News at Seven-Thirty, followed by Weather Report.
    • You’re watching TVB Pearl. Absolutely hand you over to the News Department for some of all the day’s top stories in the News Roundup.
    • And for the next half an hour here on TVB Pearl: the avast world of business and finance in Money Magazine.
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  • 2017 - Absolutely get back top in the world of secret lies in scandal: Vile vilas starts in How to Get Away with Murder.
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    • Coming up in our Weekend Blockbuster: is the Comedian adventure, as Ben Stiller starts in The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.
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  • 2019 - Thank you for joining us here on TVB Pearl. Up shortly it's News Report with Sign Language.



  • 跟住落嚟係播映 (8点新闻报道).


Closedown Transmissions dialogsEdit


  • 1987 - This is the Pearl channel operating by TVB, closing down transmission for the night.
  • 1994 - Thank you for watching TVB Pearl. We are now closing down transmission for today. Please tune into TVB Pearl for more quality programming tomorrow. Until then, good night!
  • 1997 - Thank you for watching TVB Pearl. We are now closing down transmission for the morning. We will resume in afternoon with Sesame Street. Don’t forget to join us then!
  • 2003
    • AM - Thank you for joining us for our special presentation. Please join us again when we resume programming with a children's programs.
    • PM - We are now closing down transmission for the day. Please join us tomorrow for more great programs. Until then, good night!
  • 2005 - We are now closing down transmission on TVB Pearl. Please join us again when programs resume.
  • 2007 - We are now closing down on transmission on TVB Pearl. Our programming will resume with RTHK Education TV at 2 o'clock, followed by children's programs. Don't forget to join us then!
  • 2016 - present - We will now take a transmission break on TVB Pearl. Please join us again when programming returns.


  • 1981 - 各位觀眾,本台喺今日為大家安排嘅各項精彩節目經已播映完畢,多謝各位收睇
  • 2005 - 翡翠台今日安排的全部節目經已播映完畢, 多謝各位收睇, 祝各位晚安, 稍後早晨六點鐘再見!
  • 2008 - 晚安,高清翡翠台嘅精彩節目已經暫時播映完畢,多谢支持,请大家聽(明)日繼續收睇。
    • 晚安,翡翠台嘅精彩節目已經全部播映完畢,多谢支持,请大家聽日繼續收睇
  • 2012 - 晚安,翡翠台嘅精彩節目已經暫時播映完畢,請喺稍後上午六點繼續收睇。


  • 今日節目已經全部播映完畢,請稍後於早上六時繼續收看。
  • 由於部分60FPS影片看起來太奇怪, 本頻道部分60FPS影片設定成非公開影片, 非公開影片將在下面說明欄列出


  • 今日節目已經全部播放完畢,請稍後早上六時繼續收看。


  • 2014 - 所有節目已經暫時播映完畢,多谢大家收睇。


Home (本港台)Edit

  • 1990s - 亚洲电视本港台今日放送的节目已經播映完畢,多谢大家收睇
  • 2001 - 本港台今日嘅節目已經全部播映完畢,多谢觀眾收睇。
  • 2016 - 本港台和国际台由于牌照到期已停播


  • 信号弱或没有信号


  • 2007 - 2016 Thank you for watching ATV World, join us again for more viewing when broadcasting resumes.


ViuTVsix (ViuTV6)Edit

  • 2016 - present - Thank you for watching ViuTV six Join us at 9AM for more viewing


  • 今日節目已全部播映完畢,谢谢收看

Opening transmission dialogsEdit


  • 1989 - This is the pearl channel operated by TVB, opening transmission for the day.
  • 2005 - Good morning, and welcome to TVB Pearl. Our programs will begin shortly, so please stay tuned.
  • 2007 - Good afternoon and welcome to TVB Pearl. Our programs will begin shortly, so please stay tuned.
  • 2009 - present - You're watching TVB Pearl. Please stay tuned. Our programming will begin shortly.


  • 2005 - 各位觀眾早晨, 翡翠台今日安排太全部節目已經準備, 请大家安收睇。
  • 2009 - 早晨!翡翠台同高清翡翠台已經爲大家準備好精彩節目,請細心欣賞!
  • 2010 - 早晨,翡翠台已經为大家準備好精彩節目,請細心欣賞。
  • 2012 - 早晨,高清翡翠台將會喺稍後上午六點廣播,請細心欣賞!
  • 2014 - 早晨,翡翠台將會喺稍後上午六點廣播,請細心欣賞!




  • 2006-2016 - This is ATV World, stay tuned for today's great programmes, and we hope you enjoy them.

Before show startsEdit

Programs contain bilingualEdit


  • 以下節目將以粤语/日语广播 敬请留意
  • 以下節目將以粤语/韩语广播 敬请留意
  • 以下節目將以粤语/英语广播 敬请留意
  • 以下節目將以粤语/普通话广播 敬请留意


  • 以下为英语节目,配有中文字幕,敬请留意
  • 以下为普通话节目,配有中文字幕,敬请留意。


  • English and Chinese subtitles are available for this program.
  • The following programme will be broadcast in Putonghua.


以下节目含有间接宣传(The following programme contains indirect advertising)

PG 家長指引 (Parental Guidance)Edit

Jade, J2 and J5Edit

  • 以下節目部份内容涉及不雅用语,敬请家长留意
  • 以下節目部份内容涉及成人情節,敬请家长留意
  • 以下節目部份内容涉及通俗情节,敬请家长留意
  • 以下節目部份内容涉及暴力,敬请家长留意
  • 以下節目部份内容涉及暴力及裸露镜頭,敬请家长留意
  • 以下節目部份内容涉及危险动作,切勿模仿,敬请家长留意
  • 以下節目部份内容可能令人情緒不安近/并涉及成人情節,敬请家长留意
  • 以下節目部份内容涉及成人情節及不雅用语,敬请家长留意 (高清翡翠台试播讯号)
  • 以下節目部份内容可能令人情緒不安近/并涉及暴力,敬请家长留意
  • 以下節目部份内容涉及不雅用语及暴力,敬请家长留意
  • 以下節目部份内容可能令人情緒不安,敬请家长留意
  • 以下節目部份内容可能令觀眾情緒不安, 并涉及成人及暴力情節,敬请家长留意
  • 以下節目部份内容涉及暴力及不当行为,敬请家长留意
  • 以下節目部份内容涉及驚嚇情節,敬请家长留意
  • 以下節目涉及驚嚇情節及不当行为,敬请家长留意
  • 以下節目部份内容涉及不雅用语及不当行为,敬请家长留意
  • 以下節目部份内容涉及吸煙鏡頭及不當行為,敬请家长留意
  • 以下節目部份内容涉及成人情節,不雅用语及暴力,敬请家长留意
  • 以下節目部份内容涉及不雅用语及危险动作,切勿模仿,敬请家长留意
  • 以下節目涉及敏感题材,敬请家长留意
  • 以下節目部份内容涉及驚嚇情節及暴力,敬请家长留意.
  • 以下節目部份内容涉及打斗,敬请家长留意
  • 以下節目部份内容涉及迷信,敬请家长留意
  • 以下節目部份内容涉及迷信,可能令觀眾情緒不安, 敬请家长留意
  • 以下節目部份内容涉及成人情節及不当行为,敬请家长留意
  • 以下節目部份內容涉及自殺行為,敬請家長作出適當輔導。
  • 以下節目部份内容涉及暴力及不当行为,敬请家长留意
  • 以下節目部份内容涉及手术镜頭,敬请家长留意。
  • 以下節目部份内容可能令觀眾情緒不安并涉及手术镜頭,敬请家长留意。
  • 以下節目涉及驚嚇情節及暴力,敬请家长留意.
  • 以下節目部份内容涉及裸露镜頭,敬请家长留意.
  • 以下節目部份内容涉及裸露镜頭不雅用语,敬请家长留意
  • 以下節目部份内容可能令人情緒不安并涉及不当行为,敬请家长留意
  • 以下節目可能令人情緒不安并涉及驚嚇情節,敬请家长留意
  • 以下節目可能令人情緒不安并涉及粗俗用語,敬请家长留意


  • 以下節目部份内容可能令人情緒不安并涉及危险动作,切勿模仿,敬请家长留意
  • 以下節目可能令人極度情緒不安之鏡頭及危險動作,切勿模仿,敬请家长留意
  • 以下節目部份内容涉及飲酒镜頭,敬请家长留意
  • 以下節目部份内容涉及手术镜頭,敬请家长留意


  • 以下節目部份内容涉及不雅用语,敬请家长留意 (Parental guidance is suggested for the following program with occasional coarse language)
  • 以下節目部份内容涉及不雅用语及暴力,敬请家长留意 (Parental guidance is suggested for the following program with occasional coarse language and violence)
  • 以下節目部份内容涉及暴力,敬请家长留意 (Parental guidance is suggested for the following program with occasional scenes of violence)
  • 以下節目部份内容可能令人情緒不安,敬请家长留意 (Parental guidance is suggested for the following programme with occasional disturbing scenes)
  • 以下節目可能令人情緒不安,敬请家长留意 (Parental guidance is suggested for the following program with frequent disturbing scenes)
  • 以下節目部份内容可能令人情緒不安并涉及不雅用语,敬请家长留意 (Parental guidance is suggested for the following program with occasional disturbing scenes and coarse language)
    • 以下節目部份内容可能令人情緒不安并涉及成人情節,敬请家长留意 (Parental guidance is suggested for the following program with occasional disturbing scenes and adult elements)
  • 以下節目部份内容涉及成人情節及不当行为,敬请家长留意 (Parental guidance is suggested for the following programme with occasional adult elements and undesirable behaviour)
  • 以下節目部份内容涉及不当行为,敬请家长留意 (Parental guidance is suggested for the following programme with occasional portrayal of undesirable behavior)
  • 以下節目部份内容可能令人情緒不安近/并涉及暴力,敬请家长留意 (Parental guidance is suggested for the following programme with occasional disturbing scenes and violence)
  • 以下節目涉及敏感题材,敬请家长留意 (Parental guidance is suggested for the following program concerning subject matter of a sensitive nature)
  • 以下節目部份内容涉及驚嚇情節,敬请家长留意 (Parental guidance is suggested for the following program with occasional frightening scenes)
  • 以下節目可能令人情緒不安并涉及驚嚇情節,敬请家长留意 (Parental guidance is suggested for the following program with frequent disturbing and frightening scenes)
  • 以下節目部份内容涉及手术镜頭,敬请家长留意(Parental guidance is suggested for the following programme with occasional surgical scenes)
  • 以下節目部份内容涉及生育鏡頭,敬请家长留意(Parental guidance is suggested for the following program with occasional scenes of child birth)
  • 以下節目部份内容涉及危险动作,切勿模仿,敬请家长留意 (Parental guidance is suggested for the following program with occasional dangerous acts not to be imitated)
  • 以下節目部份内容可能令人情緒不安并涉及危险动作,切勿模仿,敬请家长留意 (Parental guidance is suggested for the following program with occasional disturbing scenes and dangerous acts which must not be imitated)
  • 以下節目涉及可能令人极度情绪不安之镜头及危险动作,切勿模仿,敬请家长留意 (Parental guidance is suggested for the following program with extremely disturbing and dangerous acts which must not be imitated)
  • 以下節目部份内容涉及裸露镜頭,敬请家长留意 (Parental guidance is suggested for the following program with occasional scenes of nudity)
  • 以下節目部份内容涉及飲酒及吸煙鏡頭,敬请家长留意 (Parental guidance is suggested for the following program with occasional drinking and smoking scenes)
  • 以下節目部份内容涉及驚嚇情節及暴力,敬请家长留意 (Parental guidance is suggested for the following program with occasional frightening scenes and violence)
  • 以下節目涉及驚嚇情節及暴力,敬请家长留意 (Parental guidance is suggested for the following program with frequent frightening scenes and violence)
  • 以下節目部份内容涉及成人情節及不雅用语,敬请家长留意 (Parental guidance is suggested for the following program with occasional adult elements and coarse language)
  • 以下節目部份内容涉及不雅用语,暴力及不当行为,敬请家长留意 (Parental guidance is suggested for the following program with occasional coarse language, violence and undesirable behavior)
  • 以下節目部份内容可能令人情绪不安并涉及裸露镜头,敬请家长留意 (Parental guidance is suggested for the following program with occasional disturbing scenes and nudity)
  • 以下節目部份内容可能令觀眾情緒不安并涉及手术镜頭,敬请家长留意。 (Parental guidance is suggested for the following program with occasional disturbing and surgical scenes)
  • 以下節目部份内容可能令人情緒不安并涉及不当行为,敬请家长留意 (Parental guidance is suggested for the following program with occasional disturbing scenes and undesirable behavior)


  • 以下播放節目被列为家長指引類别,敬请留意
  • Please note the following program is classified under the category of Parental Guidance.
  • The following programme contains occasional adult elements and undesirable language. Parental guidance is recommended.
  • The following programme contains undesirable language, adult elements and scenes of a violent and disturbing nature. parental guidance is recommended.


  • 本節目为家长指引,部份内容涉及不安画面,敬请留意
  • 本節目为家长指引,部份内容涉及成人情節,敬请留意
  • 本節目为家长指引,部份内容涉及不安画面及暴力镜头,敬请留意
  • 本節目为家长指引,部份内容涉及驚嚇恐怖及不安画面,敬请家长留意
  • 本節目为家长指引,涉及驚嚇恐怖,不安画面及不当行为,敬请家长留意
  • 本節目为家长指引,涉及驚嚇恐怖,不当行为及成人情節,敬请留意
  • 本節目为家长指引,涉及驚嚇恐怖及不安画面,敬请家长留意
  • 本節目为家长指引,部份内容涉及不雅用語及不當行為,敬请留意
  • 本節目为家长指引,涉及不当行为及暴力镜头,敬请留意
  • 本節目为家长指引,内容涉及成人情節及敏感题材,敬请留意
  • 本節目为家长指引,部份内容涉及危險動作及不雅用語,敬请留意
  • 本節目为家长指引,部份内容涉及不雅用語,不當行為,暴力鏡頭及不安畫面,敬请留意
  • 本節目为家长指引,涉及不雅用語,不當行為及不安画面,敬请留意
  • 本節目为家长指引,涉及成人情節,不雅用語及敏感题材,敬请留意
  • 本節目为家长指引,部份内容涉及成人情節, 不當行為及裸露镜頭,敬请留意
  • 本節目为家长指引,部份内容涉及不當行為及裸露镜頭,敬请留意
  • 本節目为家长指引,涉及不當行為,暴力及裸露鏡頭,敬请留意
  • 本節目为家长指引,内容涉及成人情節,不雅用語,不當行為及裸露鏡頭,敬请留意
  • 本節目为家长指引,部份内容涉及敏感题材及不安画面,敬请留意
  • 本節目为家长指引,部份内容涉及敏感题材及不當行為,敬请留意


  • Parental guidance is recommended for the following programme with occasional undesirable behaviour.
  • Parental guidance is recommended for the following programme with occasional adult elements.
  • Parental guidance is recommended for the following programme with occasional coarse language and undesirable behaviour.


RTHK 31Edit

  • 以下節目涉及性题材, 敬请家长留意 (The following program contains materials of sexual nature. Parental guidance is recommended.)
  • 以下節目部份内容令人情緒不安,敬请家长留意 (The following program contains occasional disturbing scenes. Parental guidance is recommended.)
  • 以下節目部份内容涉及吸煙鏡頭及不當行為,敬请家长留意 (Parental guidance is suggested for the following programme with occasional scenes of smoking and undesirable behaviour.)


  • 本節目为家长指引類别,部份内容或令人不安并涉及驚嚇及暴力場面,敬请家长留意
  • 本节目为家长指引類別,部份内容或令人不安并涉及成人情節及暴力,敬请家长留意
  • 本节目为家长指引類別,部份内容或令人不安并涉及成人情節及不当行为,敬请家长留意
  • 本節目为家长指引類别,部份内容涉及成人情節及不雅用语,敬请家长留意
  • 本節目为家长指引類别,部份内容涉及不当行为,敬请家长留意
  • 本節目为家长指引類别,部份内容涉及成人情節,敬请家长留意
  • 本节目为家长指引類別,部份内容涉及成人情節及令人不安,敬请家长留意
  • 本节目为家长指引類別,部份内容涉及成人情節及敏感题材,敬请家长留意
  • 本节目为家长指引類別,部份内容涉及不雅用语,敬请家长留意
  • 本节目为家长指引類別,部份内容或令人不安并含驚嚇場面,敬请家长留意
  • 本节目为家长指引類別,部份内容或令人不安并涉及手術或醫療場面及不當行為,敬请家长留意.
  • 本节目为家长指引類別,部份内容或令人不安并涉及手術或醫療場面及暴力,敬请家长留意.
  • 本节目为家长指引類別,部份内容涉及危險活動,敬请家长留意
香港國際財經台 HKIBCEdit
  • 本节目为家长指引類別,部份内容涉及成人、性爱情節及不当行为,敬请家长留意. (The following program contains adult content, sexuality and depictions of undesirable behavior. Parental guidance is advised.)
  • 本节目为家长指引類別,部份内容涉及敏感题材,不当行为及暴力,敬请家长留意. (The following program contains references to sensitive issues, depictions of undesirable behavior and violence. Parental guidance is advised.)


  • 本節目为家长指引類别,敬请留意

M 成年觀眾 (Mature)Edit

Jade, J2 and J5Edit

  • 以下節目涉及暴力,只適合成年觀眾收看
  • 以下節目涉及暴力及裸露镜頭,只適合成年觀眾收看
  • 以下節目涉及不雅用语及暴力, 只適合成年觀眾收看
  • 以下節目涉及成人情節,不难用语及暴力, 只適合成年觀眾收看
  • 以下節目涉及驚嚇及成人情節,只適合成年觀眾收看
  • 以下節目涉及成人情節及不雅用语, 只適合成年觀眾收看
  • 以下節目涉及成人情節,只適合成年觀眾收看
  • 以下節目可能令人情緒不安并涉及暴力,只適合成年觀眾收看


  • 以下節目可能令人情緒不安近/并涉及暴力,只適合成年觀眾收看 (The following programme containing disturbing scenes and violence is intended for mature audience only)
  • 以下節目可能令人情绪不安并涉及吸毒成人情节,只適合成年觀眾收看 (The following program containing disturbing scenes, portrayal of drug abuse and adult elements is intended for mature audience only)
  • 以下節目涉及成人情節及暴力, 只適合成年觀眾收看 (The following program containing adult elements and violence is intended for mature audience only)


  • 以下播放節目被列为成年觀眾類别,敬请留意


  • 本節目只適合成年觀眾,含有成人情節及不当行为,敬请留意
    • 本節目大膽探讨性问题 内容涉及嘉賓剖白及分享 建議成年觀眾因應题材作出收看選擇
  • 本節目只適合成年觀眾,含有不雅用语,不当行为及不安画面,敬请留意
  • 本節目只適合成年觀眾,含有成人情節, 不当行为及暴力镜头, 敬请留意.
  • 本節目只適合成年觀眾,含有不安画面,不当行为及暴力镜头, 敬请留意.
  • 本節目只適合成年觀眾,含有暴力镜头, 不当行为及不雅用语,敬请留意.
  • 本節目只適合成年觀眾,含有敏感及大膽性題材丶及不雅用語,敬请留意.


The following program is rated M for mature audience. It contains explicit adult elements, coarse language and nudity.


以下節目涉及成人情節及不雅用语,只適合成年觀眾收看 (The following program contains adult elements and coarse language, It is suitable for grown-ups only.)


  • 本節目只適合成年觀眾,部份内容涉及性爱话题、敏感题材及不雅用语,敬请留意
  • 本節目只適合成年觀眾,部份内容涉及成人情節、驚嚇及暴力場面,敬请留意.
  • 本節目只適合成年觀眾,部份内容涉及性爱情節、暴力場面以及不雅用语,敬请留意.
  • 本節目只適合成年觀眾,部份内容或令人不安并涉及成人情節及暴力場面,敬请留意.

During the showEdit

  • 原定節目即將恢复播映,不便之處,敬请原谅 (Our regular programme will resume shortly, We apologize for the inconvenience caused)
  • 信号传输故障,请稍后... (Signal transmission failure, please wait...) (廣東有線)
    • 视频信号暂时中断,请稍候, 信号传输故障,请稍候
  • 訊號暫時中斷,請稍候片刻 (We are experiencing technical difficulties, We will be back shortly)

After the showEdit

  • 《問問MC蛛》全經已播映完畢,下星期日同樣時間,請收睇《小农夫拉比》
  • 《我的野蠻奶奶》經已全部播映完畢,聽日同樣時間,請收睇新增持别節目
  • 請喺下星期日同樣時間,收睇港台製作約: 也文也武
  • 下星期六约 《Doraemon》暫停播映, 敬请留意.
  • 下星期六同樣時間,請收睇《華麗明星賽》。
  • 本節目經已全部播映完畢,多謝收睇。
  • 由於下星期六晚 係播映 歡樂滿東華2005嘅關係 鋼之鍊金術師 將會暫停播映 敬請留意
  • We now return to English language programming on TVB Pearl.
  • We now take a break from English language programming on TVB Pearl. The following programme is in Putonghua.
    • Japanese.
  • We will now take a break from our English language programming on TVB Pearl. The following program is in sign language with Cantonese.
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